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My Eye is Higher After my Orbital Floor Blowout Surgery. Will It Settle Back into Alignment with my Other Eye?

Exactly 2 weeks ago was my surgery to repair my orbital floor blowout fracture in my right eye. My eye immediately after surgery was pushed up very... READ MORE

I Have a Smaller Eye After Getting Punched? (photo)

I got in a fight about 5 yrs ago and I got hit in my left eye wich cause major swelling. After the swelling went down I had the black eye for almost a... READ MORE

After Orbital Floor Surgery my Eyes Are Asymmetric Can This Be Fixed?

Orbital floor surgery after blunt trauma to my eye. Since the surgery my left eye is higher than the other eye. The doctor said that i would look... READ MORE

Uneven Face After Facial Trauma?

I had an motor vehicle accident 6months ago where injured my maxilla bone. The doctor said there's no need of any treatment as it will heal on its own... READ MORE

Orbital blowout resulted in one eye higher than the other. I'd like to have it repaired if possible.

Orbital blowout resulted in one eye higher than the other after a silicone repair was done surgically. It is more noticeable as an older adult so I'd... READ MORE

Still sunken eye after delayed orbital floor fracture surgery. Will it improve in time? (photos)

10 days ago I had a surgery to correct double vision and enophthalmos (3mm) from an orbital floor and medial wall fracture I had 4 months ago. 10 days... READ MORE

Does medicaid cover frontal bone surgery?

If my frontal bone is uneven and i want reconstructive surgery so how can i prove with medicaid that is true and request for medicaid cover this... READ MORE

One eye bigger than the other? Orbital decompression?

Hi Im a young male and I realized that my right eye is bigger than my left. Im not interested in eyelid tightening or any of that sorta procedure as I... READ MORE

Do I Have Plagiocephaly? (photo)

The right side of my head is a lot skinnier and flatter than the left side of my head, which is more round. Looking back through my pictures i've... READ MORE

Left Side of the Face is Little Bigger Than the Other Especially my Eyes?

Hi!i'm a teenage girl .my left side of the face is little bigger than the other especially my eyes are uneven.i din't have this problem right from my... READ MORE

Does medicare cover for reconstructive frontal bone?

Before i have a accident and now my frontal bone and skull is uneven now i want surgery for reconstructive so medicare can cover for that can you give... READ MORE

I was attacked by a dog on my upper right lip now I want reconstruct there is anyway? (photos)

Okay I will upload the pics so that you can see what...I don't like the color of my lips and my lips are uneven READ MORE

What is the reason for one side of my face being larger than the other and how is it corrected?

I had braces for 4 four, years, after I developed TMJ in my left jaw. Painless, however also my teeth aren't alligned. No Dentist or Ortho has pointed... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for plastic surgery? (photo)

As a child, I suffered a traumatic head injury on the right side/ temporal region on my skull. My face is quite uneven and has been getting worse as... READ MORE

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