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After Orbital Floor Surgery my Eyes Are Asymmetric Can This Be Fixed?

Orbital floor surgery after blunt trauma to my eye. Since the surgery my left eye is higher than the other eye. The doctor said that i would look... READ MORE

Uneven Face After Facial Trauma?

I had an motor vehicle accident 6months ago where injured my maxilla bone. The doctor said there's no need of any treatment as it will heal on its own... READ MORE

Need Some Advice After Facial Trauma?

Male medical student - was applying in the match for last year, had to withdraw because of some personal issues. very bothered after facial trauma... READ MORE

Why would I have enopthalmos after orbital repair surgery when I didn't have it before the surgery? (Photo)

5 weeks ago, I had a trauma to the right eye, causing an orbital floor fracture, with complete double vision. After about two weeks the double vision... READ MORE

Sunken eye following orbital trauma. Do you think it's plausible to correct at this point? (Photo)

Hi, several weeks ago I sustained an orbital fracture around my right eye. I haven't had any type of correction yet and functionally my eye is good.... READ MORE

Multiple facial trauma. Any suggestions? (photos)

7 weeks ago, I had a horrible bike accident, I hit my face in the tree and had multiple facial fractures in the left side of face. My doctor said no... READ MORE

Is It Too Late to Get Facial Reconstructive Surgery, 30yrs Post Facial Trauma?

I fell from a 2 story building @ 14mths & landed on just 1 side of my face. I am pretty sure I suffered orbital fracture to my R-eye, shattered... READ MORE

Facial trauma. Two Fractures. Sunken eye. 2 months in. Can this be helped? (Photo)

Facial trauma. Two Fractures. Sunken eye. 2 months in. surgeon 1- Didn't want to do surgery didn't think it was worth the risk. Surgeon 2- completely... READ MORE

Trauma from being attacked while leaving gay bar, my face is not same! What happened​? (Photo)

I was kicked with boots in the face over and over . My tooth was cracked by smacking the ground. My nose is not only broke from that incident 4 years... READ MORE

Eye sunken after facial trauma.

A month ago I was poked really hard on the eye and now I notice that the right eye looks smaller than my left eye. Should I just leave it to heal on... READ MORE

I have an asymmetrical face. Orbital Floor Implant for Eye Asymmetry?

I have an asymmetrical face. This is not due to any trauma or accident rather something I've had since birth. The right side of my face is different,... READ MORE

Face Reconstruction with Fat Graft (Longevity)?

I am looking into reconstructing my cheeks (my soft tissue was lost after a trauma a few years ago). I have a question about longivity. Once the fat... READ MORE

Lip size and shape: what treatment could make my lips look natural? (photo)

I had trauma on motorbike 7 years ago. I think the shape is not going to get better in future eventually. What treatment could give me the natural... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for plastic surgery? (photo)

As a child, I suffered a traumatic head injury on the right side/ temporal region on my skull. My face is quite uneven and has been getting worse as... READ MORE

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