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Suspected Facial Nerve Damage, Left Side Cheek Bone? (photo)

Hey, Two years ago I had an accident in my bathroom where I slipped fell and knocked my head against the bathtub on my way down. The blow was to my... READ MORE

I Have a Smaller Eye After Getting Punched? (photo)

I got in a fight about 5 yrs ago and I got hit in my left eye wich cause major swelling. After the swelling went down I had the black eye for almost a... READ MORE

Facial Reconstruction w/ Rhinoplasty - Long-Term Swelling?

I was in a accident a year ago and since then I've had multiple facial reconstructive surgeries. The latest one on my nose was to be the final one... READ MORE

Orthognathic Surgery and Trachaeotomy, Normal?

I am scheduled for orthognathic surgery next week, and my surgeon told me today that, as a precaution, he will make a tiny incision in my neck the day... READ MORE

Will an eye that has suffered an Orbital Blowout return to normal position on it's own?

I haven't been to the doctor yet, but I am certain that I have an orbital blowout due to being punched in the eye. My eye swelled and was black for a... READ MORE

Skin flap facial reconstruction. Is the swelling of the area where the skin flap was placed normal?

I recently had a facial reconstructive surgery and was wondering if swelling of the area where the skin flap was placed (cheek) 8 months after surgery... READ MORE

Suturing not done properly. Do I need plastic surgery now? (Photo)

I had an accident a month back and right nostril was almost torn off. Got the stiches done but lower part not attached properly. Is it now possible to... READ MORE

Facial fracture - cheek muscle tear and lower eyelid twitching frequently?

Met an accident in 2008. Right cheek got injured and was swollen for months. A plastic surgeon then said the swelling will go away with time. After 3... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, how can I reduce facial swelling as quickly as possible after reconstructive/plastic surgery? (photos)

Broke my left jaw, cheekbone, orbital, & nose. 2 weeks post-op & still puffy as expected, BUT I noticed the left side of my face seems to be pulled... READ MORE

When to fairly judge results after cheekbone surgery? When will most swelling dissipate? (photos)

Hi, I had my left cheekbone re broken and fixated 8 months after a soccer injury (took a knee to the face). The only incision made was inside my gums.... READ MORE

Naso Labial Fold Worse After Smile Distractor?

3 months ago I had a smile distractor, they cut my two upper jaws loose and put a steal bar and slowly distracted. Directly after the operation, I had... READ MORE

swelling after 6 months of surgery of fracture fixation

I had an accident and my jaw bone,cheek bone,nose and eyebrow bone had fracture. i had a surgery for the fixation these fractures. it had been 6... READ MORE

Pain and swelling 1.5 years after facial reconstruction. What's causing it?

I had open reduction maxillofacial reconstructive surgery after a blunt trauma on 2/14. Healing took many months with a lot of nerve pain, but have... READ MORE

How much swelling is normal 3 months after Orbital Rim and Floor repair?

I had an accident that ruptured my eye as well as smashing the orbital rim and floor. I also had a broken nose, maxillary sinus, and zygomatic arch.... READ MORE

3 weeks post Zygoma fracture and operation. 1 week after swelling down 70%. Last 2 weeks last 30% did not move at all. (photo)

Surgery went well and there were no complications. Bone re-positioned and fixed with mini metal plates through a cut in my mouth. Partial numbness of... READ MORE

Persistent facial swelling after repair of orbital, zygoma, and temporal fractures, what can I do?

I understand that the swelling could take months to resolve however there are days the swelling gets really bad and is even painful. I can no longer... READ MORE

Do I have facial hypertrophy?? (photos)

I have had this weird swelling on one side of my face for 4 years now. It's been a progressive swelling and will occasionally get worse. It also is... READ MORE

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