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Overlooked Zygomatic Fracture (3 Years Ago) - How Many Incisions Needed to Have Reposition of the Whole Bone? (photo)

I'm looking for some surgeons in the Europe or USA who have great experience in the osteotomy of that bone. I wonder how many incision and where are... READ MORE

Sunken Eyes after first time cocaine use, still there 5 months after, my life is ruined. 34 y/o. (Photo)

Happened overnight cos of first time cocaine use, was dirty cocaine. Occurred 5 mths ago. Fat dissolved under my eyes, doc said it’s likely FAT A... READ MORE

Sunken eye following orbital trauma. Do you think it's plausible to correct at this point? (Photo)

Hi, several weeks ago I sustained an orbital fracture around my right eye. I haven't had any type of correction yet and functionally my eye is good.... READ MORE

Still sunken eye after delayed orbital floor fracture surgery. Will it improve in time? (photos)

10 days ago I had a surgery to correct double vision and enophthalmos (3mm) from an orbital floor and medial wall fracture I had 4 months ago. 10 days... READ MORE

Is this an issue for a Craniofacial Surgeon or is there another specialist more suited? Oculoplastic? Maxillofacial?

I have been concerned with my eyes sinking, decided to get sinuses checked to make sure there wasnt an issue there. That area seems quite normal, but... READ MORE

Right Orbital Shattered and Macula Scared and Lateral Rectus Damage in Work Related Accident Nov. 2008?

Last surgery at Uom. He took a bone graph from the top right layer of my skull to use in place of the plates and screws. My eye is still sunken in a... READ MORE

I was assaulted one year ago on my right eye and I am now noticing its sunken in. Is it too late to fix it?

It seems like one side of my face is droppy. I went to see a doctor and my vision is good but i don't think i look the same as before. Will my... READ MORE

My left eye seems to be sunken and the doctors say my muscle isn't moving correctly. What do you recommend?

I had orbital feature surgery in my left eye...unfortunatley it didt go so well my left eye still seems to b sunken in just a lil and now the doctors... READ MORE

Facial trauma. Two Fractures. Sunken eye. 2 months in. Can this be helped? (Photo)

Facial trauma. Two Fractures. Sunken eye. 2 months in. surgeon 1- Didn't want to do surgery didn't think it was worth the risk. Surgeon 2- completely... READ MORE

I had orbit floor fracture six months back - sunken eye.

I had orbit floor fracture six months back there is no vision problem there is slightly double vision I did not perform surgery till, but eye went 2mm... READ MORE

Eye sunken after facial trauma.

A month ago I was poked really hard on the eye and now I notice that the right eye looks smaller than my left eye. Should I just leave it to heal on... READ MORE

Not happy with cosmetic orbital decompression

I underwent a cosmetic orbital decompression after suffering from hyperthyroidism making my eyes more protruding and left the left eye (20mm) more... READ MORE

Eye is sunken in after an orbital fracture repair surgery, how can my eye be returned to its original position? (Photo)

Before surgery my eye movement was restircted, i had double vision & my eye (left) was also sunken in. after surgery the restriction & double vision... READ MORE

Higher eyeball after orbital floor surgery. Any suggestions?

I had silent sinus syndrome which caused the orbital floor to melt and my eye to sunken in! However I did the surgery to fix that a week ago but I... READ MORE

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