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Can I Request to Have a Craniotomy Done to Reshape my Skull?

I recently suffered from a hyperpituitary disorder which caused excess release of Growth hormone which deformed my skull and made it grow into an... READ MORE

What procedure can I get to increase the volume of my forehead and the back of my skull? (photos)

I am a male, 18 years old and I would like to find a procedure to alter the shape of my skull and make it more symmetrical. I've done my research and... READ MORE

Can I use bone-cement to reshape my skull?

First im sorry if my english isnt so good i hope i can make myself clear. iv a very odd skull shape. n its been bothering me since i was a kid.. i... READ MORE

I think I have flat head syndrome. I know that babies can have this and it could be treated but I'm 18. Any suggestion? (photos)

If my skull is too hard to be molded like many babies that have this problem are there any surgeries that could fix this?? I know it's my skull and it... READ MORE

I am 16 yrs old and I am really depressed about the shape of of my skull, I'm wondering is there a way I can change it? (photo)

When I was a baby I had a normal shaped head, however as I have gotten older its became a really odd shape and I often get very insecure because of it... READ MORE

The right side of my head is different than the left side. Any suggestions?

I am asking if there's any way to make the both sides of my head to look the same.At first I thought it was my hair but when I got a haircut there's a... READ MORE

Can I Elevate a Depressed Skull?

I suffered a depressed skull fracture 6 months ago on the supraorbital foramen. I had left the fracture to heal without elevating it. Can this... READ MORE

Had skull reconstruction surgery using a Medpor implant but it got removed due to MRSA which led to osteomyelitis of the skull.

Can I ever have a normal cranial shape without worrying about an infection? What other implant feel natural with low rate infection rates? READ MORE

I am looking for a plastic surgeon who has experience doing skull augmentation. I would appreciate any recommendations.

Both sides of my head curve in too much towards the top and the back is not well rounded. READ MORE

Can you use cranial implants/skull augmentation to add a small amount of height?

So i want to be a flight attendant but i am 1 or 2cm off the height requirement. Can you use cranial implants/skull augmentation to add a small amount... READ MORE

Where should a tissue expander be put in the skull? And can the periosteum be expanded?

Should the tissue expander be put under the skin or under the periosteum in the skull? One doctor told me that he put it under the periosteum, but... READ MORE

Skull Width Reduction, Both Muscle and Bone?

I have severe positional plagiocephaly. My skull appears to be really flat, and the right side of my skull is flatter than the left .This deformity my... READ MORE

Skull Augmentation For a 21 Year Old Man?

My problem is the back of my head is too small, and this has for a long time been a huge cosmetic problem for me. Since my early teenage years i have... READ MORE

Moderate Plagiocephaly/Brachycephaly in my 3.5 Year Old. Can Anything Be Done Now? Is There Some Orthotic Device?

I was told by my Pediatrician that it would improve over time. I was told by the physical therapist (for his torticollis) and Pediatrician it would... READ MORE

Lopsided Skull Fix Options?

I have a big head, shaped similarly to Dwayne Johnson's with hairline and all. But, it looks like someone slightly shifted the top of my skull to the... READ MORE

Can Your Skull Be Shortened?

I have a really large skull and small forehead. i have been going gym lately to build my muscles so my head doesn't look rather large. so i... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Treat an Irregularity of the Shape of the Skull Which Was Caused by the Application of Chemicals?

One side of my head looks normal{nicely shaped with a smooth definitive shape} and my left side seems bigger at the top going to the back of my head.... READ MORE

Can I Get Bumps on my Skull Shaved Off?

I want to get my head to be reshaped and made look smaller. My head looks wider on top. Could my skull be reshaped to make it look smaller? READ MORE

I have so much problems about my head shape so I want to change it. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have so many problems about my skull shape it is not like another human beings because of that i am facing sO much problems.because of that i cant... READ MORE

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