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Multiple facial fractures after car accident: Right side of face is numb - Will the feeling come back? (Photo)

7 weeks ago I was involved in a serious car accident I received multible facial fractures, I had 5 plates fitted in my face.Since the accident the... READ MORE

Can I get plastic surgery to give the illusion of facial symmetry or do I need reconstructive surgery? (photo)

In an accident in 07, broke/fractured most everything on right side of face, that side droops/has scarring. I am 24, was enrolled in an acting school... READ MORE

Should I look into reconstructive surgery for orbital asymmetry? I believe fillers will only subtly hide the asymmetry. (photo)

Anatomically, my eye rests lower than the other. Likewise, the papilla, or more prominent, the entire lid rests lower. My eyes were really sharp and... READ MORE

Eye projection after zygoma / orbital floor surgery. Is it normal? (Photo)

Hi. I had 6.5 hours of reconstructive surgery 7 months ago, and everything went well except a bit of an eye projection difference. The surgeon said... READ MORE

How can a heavy masculine face turned into a more feminine one? (photo)

Is there a way I can turn my broad mandible face into one which is more oval and feminine? READ MORE

How much would it cost to have a plate removed from my orbital floor? (photo)

I had surgery after I fractured my orbital floor. They put a plate in my face, however the plate is now sticking out. I don't have insurance and I'm... READ MORE

Any Suggestions as to what could have happened to my face? (Photos)

I have had 4 major surgeries, the last a facial reconstruction to try to resolve this issue. The doctors I have dealt with do not know what caused... READ MORE

I live in the DFW area in Texas and I was wondering if it was possible to get orbital decompression surgery. (photo)

;due to buldging from hyperthyriodism. About 2 years ago i got my thyroid disease radioactivly removed with an iodine pill and i no longer have graves... READ MORE

What's wrong with my eye and is it fixable? (Photo)

My right eye is bigger and sits up higher than my left. It's so gross and I feel like everyone notices it when they talk to me. READ MORE

I hate my jaw and lips and would be so grateful if someone could help. (Photo)

I've always know I've had something off with my jaw but thought it wasn't noticeable. My top lips shoots over my face and my jaw and bottom lip recede... READ MORE

My cheekbone were broken & smashed, sinus smashed, & enlarged zygomatic right arch. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I had my right cheekbone broken when I wad 17, It just swelled out,always conscious of it, when I was 32, I was jumped, by someone who smashed, my... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, how can I reduce facial swelling as quickly as possible after reconstructive/plastic surgery? (photos)

Broke my left jaw, cheekbone, orbital, & nose. 2 weeks post-op & still puffy as expected, BUT I noticed the left side of my face seems to be pulled... READ MORE

Can I get symmetrical cheekbone structure? Both cheekbones and nose were broken. (photos)

Is there anyway that I can regain a symetrical, structure to my face left has plates In it(reduction) my nose was broken with a kick to the face, I... READ MORE

Lip size and shape: what treatment could make my lips look natural? (photo)

I had trauma on motorbike 7 years ago. I think the shape is not going to get better in future eventually. What treatment could give me the natural... READ MORE

facial reconstruction and removal hemangioma in a 30 year old. Can l expect any real improvement or to have normal appearence ?

I have had a hemangioma since i was a baby & have had many surgeries, my last being when i was 14 years old. I would like to know if i can improve the... READ MORE

When augmenting the back of the head, should the material be put under or above the periosteum? (Photo)

When augmenting the back of the head - must the material be put under the periosteum or can it be put above the periosteum? The reason I ask is... READ MORE

Feedback on lip surgery results

My son was born with cleft lip+palate. He had lip surgery 3 months ago. I would like to know how good/bad you consider the overall result, as an... READ MORE

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