Pain + Facial Reconstructive Surgery

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Orbital Bone Fracture?

I got a orbital bone fracture 4 years ago and have still been getting surgeries. I had notice after my one surgery that my eyeball dropped and was way... READ MORE

Still Have Pain 3 Months After I Had Facial Nerve Transpant to Regain Movement on the Right Side of my Face? (photo)

3 months ago I had a nerve transplant to regain movement on the right side of my face My concern is that the incisions though they look ok they still... READ MORE

Will I be in pain for the rest of my life? Is it normal for my pain to be continuous?

I had surgery within the past two months to reconstruct everything but my chin and lower jaw. There are now 8 titanium plates and several screws in my... READ MORE

Will I need surgery?

I have had a broken cheek bone for 6 months. Since them I have had numbness in my temple and cheek. Also aching all around the broken area. Sometimes... READ MORE

Surgery at Orbital Bone and Upper Jaw Bone (photos)

Dear Sir, I was met with an accident Six year ago and a surgery have been conducted during that time on my face ( Right Side Below Right Eye &... READ MORE

If Scar Tissue is Impinging on my Auricular Nerve Causing Pain Etc. Can Anything Be Done About It? (photo)

I had my right temperomandibular joint replaced with an artificial one made of chrome cobalt nickel alloy . I was told that the 6 months following... READ MORE

Cause of pain in cheek?

My Zygoma was broken 10 years ago(the bone was set back in place with out titanium or screws) but i have always had problems with swelling in certain... READ MORE

Do I have facial hypertrophy?? (photos)

I have had this weird swelling on one side of my face for 4 years now. It's been a progressive swelling and will occasionally get worse. It also is... READ MORE

Pain and swelling 1.5 years after facial reconstruction. What's causing it?

I had open reduction maxillofacial reconstructive surgery after a blunt trauma on 2/14. Healing took many months with a lot of nerve pain, but have... READ MORE

I went mentally ill. I pushed with both hands on the side (around cheekbones) of my face. Now I'm deformed+pain

I've visited many doctors and they made a ct-scan. I told them i had an accident because I'm ashamed off what happened. My eyes look more hollow and... READ MORE

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