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Should I Have the Surgery to Repair a Fractured Orbital Floor? (photo)

On Sunday, I was jumped by two guys and they fractured the orbital floor of my left eye. I have seen two doctors now that both agree that I am in the... READ MORE

No Improvement After Orbital Floor Reconstructive Surgery? (photo)

Hi, I had a blowout fracture 1986 when i was 12 that was repaired.Fast forward to 2011 and i hated what i saw in pictures,A very droopy eye that had... READ MORE

My Eye is Higher After my Orbital Floor Blowout Surgery. Will It Settle Back into Alignment with my Other Eye?

Exactly 2 weeks ago was my surgery to repair my orbital floor blowout fracture in my right eye. My eye immediately after surgery was pushed up very... READ MORE

Raising the Orbit Floor Due to Silent Sinus Syndrome? (photo)

After my lateral canthal dystopia and lower eyelid retraction were fixed with excellent results, I started noticing that my right eye was lower than... READ MORE

After Orbital Floor Surgery my Eyes Are Asymmetric Can This Be Fixed?

Orbital floor surgery after blunt trauma to my eye. Since the surgery my left eye is higher than the other eye. The doctor said that i would look... READ MORE

Reduce or Soften Outer Orbital Rim? Is It Possible?

Is it possible by a surgical procedure to reduce or "soften" the look of the outer orbital rim. My orbits are quite large which also results in my... READ MORE

Orbital Bone Fracture?

I got a orbital bone fracture 4 years ago and have still been getting surgeries. I had notice after my one surgery that my eyeball dropped and was way... READ MORE

Should I look into reconstructive surgery for orbital asymmetry? I believe fillers will only subtly hide the asymmetry. (photo)

Anatomically, my eye rests lower than the other. Likewise, the papilla, or more prominent, the entire lid rests lower. My eyes were really sharp and... READ MORE

Diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, Will Orbital Decompression Help With Bulging Eyes?

Hello Okay brief history, when I was younger I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which has since then be treated, however it has caused my eyes to... READ MORE

What is Normal 3 Months After Orbital Repair Surgery?

My 9 yo had his right orbital floor repaired w/ an implant. His inferior rectus was released (was hemorragic). It is 3 mos after the surgery, he can... READ MORE

2 Months Post-op Orbit Reconstruction?

I had surgical repair of the orbit last June 2013 due to a blowout fracture in the posterior floor. The reconstruction of the inferior orbital wall... READ MORE

Still sunken eye after delayed orbital floor fracture surgery. Will it improve in time? (photos)

10 days ago I had a surgery to correct double vision and enophthalmos (3mm) from an orbital floor and medial wall fracture I had 4 months ago. 10 days... READ MORE

What are the recommended procedures to get back to me after an MVA that caused multiple facial fractures? (photo)

I have multiple plates in my face - left orbital floor, left cheek, maxilla (below top lip), left side of nose, eyebrow bone. CONCERNS: - I have no... READ MORE

Swimming/Snorkeling on the Water Surface Five Weeks After Orbital Floor Fracture?

Per the CT Scan of my orbital floor fracture: "The fracture defect measures approx. 12mm in transverse dimension. No fluid in paranasal sinuses.... READ MORE

What are the risks of untreated blowout fractures?

3 months post-op orbit reconstruction - recommended to undergo a Ct-Scan with 3d rendering. Hence fracture is still untreated. Nevertheless : - Double... READ MORE

Eye is sunken in after an orbital fracture repair surgery, how can my eye be returned to its original position? (Photo)

Before surgery my eye movement was restircted, i had double vision & my eye (left) was also sunken in. after surgery the restriction & double vision... READ MORE

How much swelling is normal 3 months after Orbital Rim and Floor repair?

I had an accident that ruptured my eye as well as smashing the orbital rim and floor. I also had a broken nose, maxillary sinus, and zygomatic arch.... READ MORE

Higher eyeball after orbital floor surgery. Any suggestions?

I had silent sinus syndrome which caused the orbital floor to melt and my eye to sunken in! However I did the surgery to fix that a week ago but I... READ MORE

Can a Surgeon Change the Shape of my Orbit?

I understand the small risks of nerve damage and/or even blindness. Also, changing the upper part of the orbit must be a really complex surgery as it... READ MORE

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