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One Month Since my Nose and Cheek Surgery - Why is my Face Still Numb?

I was shot in the face and had to have surgery to repair the fragments in my cheek and nose. The surgery was almost a month ago but the left side of... READ MORE

Bottom Lips Nerve/muscle Damage Following Motorcycle Accident? (photo)

I had a motorcycle accident mid February 2013 (2 month ago) with multiples injuries including lacerations on my face that were closed by surgeons.... READ MORE

Do jaw plates need to be removed if puss is coming out?

My husband's jaw was broken about 6 years ago and he had a long metal plate put in. He is still a little numb but says he doesn't have pain. Off and... READ MORE

Multiple facial fractures after car accident: Right side of face is numb - Will the feeling come back? (Photo)

7 weeks ago I was involved in a serious car accident I received multible facial fractures, I had 5 plates fitted in my face.Since the accident the... READ MORE

Orbital fracture surgery and numbness. Any suggestions?

Hello, I just went for an orbital floor reconstruction. I had no numbness before and now, after 2 days, I can't feel my cheek, nose and part of my lip... READ MORE

How long should I wait to go back to light sparring and boxing after orbital floor reconstruction?

Hello! I went for a orbital floor reconstruction a few weeks ago. The fracture was large and they had to put in a titanium plate. Now everything is... READ MORE

I Was Bit by a Dog, He Took Part of Lip, Surgeon Stitch Nerves and I Have Electrical Feeling? (photo)

Can you tell me how long this will be...they had to stretch my good side of the lip over and attach what was left of the other side, its numb, itches,... READ MORE

How long will numbess and tingling last?

I had surgery to fix a fracture to my left orbital floor. The first two days were fine but after I started the warm compress part of my left face... READ MORE

How to resolve forehead throbbing 2 1/2 years following paramedian forehead flap reconstruction?

30 months ago underwent paramedian forehead flap nasal reconstruction following Mohs surgery. Reconstruction was performed by facial plastic surgeon.... READ MORE

My eyelid can't completely close after "zygomatic operation." Any suggestions? (photos)

When I try to close my eyes with the help of my chin, it feels hurt a bit and isnt close completely. Also I noticed that my eyes arent even. Is there... READ MORE

I was in a plane crash six years ago shattered the left side of my face. I have numbness after reconstructive surgery (Photo)

They did reconstructive plastic surgery but I still have numbness and sensitive spots will that ever go away? READ MORE

Will I need surgery?

I have had a broken cheek bone for 6 months. Since them I have had numbness in my temple and cheek. Also aching all around the broken area. Sometimes... READ MORE

What should I do to my broken cheekbones after assault? (Photo)

Hi I'm asking about my cheekbones got broken in a serious assult took place while I was sitting down on a chair an some guy come an broke my cheek... READ MORE

Orbital Floor Fracture and Numbness persists

I was hit in the eye a little over a month ago. I was diagnosed with a "blowout" fracture. My face is still numb on that side. Is this normal? READ MORE

Do I need an implant: facial fracture in Zygomatic arch and maxilla. (Photo)

Its almost 4 weeks from now and i feel numbness but its better now than last few weeks do i need an implant READ MORE

How long does it take for a facial hematoma to heal? Does it need to be drained if it hasn't gone down within 2 weeks? (Photos)

I was in a accident two weeks ago today and I sustained a anterior maxilla fracture to my face.All of the bruising has almost subsided except for... READ MORE

Multiple orbital fractures around my left eye socket and my left side of my face is numb.

I fell off a ladder at work. This happened nearly a month ago and the numbness is still there. I read previous posts and am a little relieved... READ MORE

3 weeks post Zygoma fracture and operation. 1 week after swelling down 70%. Last 2 weeks last 30% did not move at all. (photo)

Surgery went well and there were no complications. Bone re-positioned and fixed with mini metal plates through a cut in my mouth. Partial numbness of... READ MORE

2 weeks post op following left orbital floor fracture repair. Double vision, misalignment. (photos)

Lots of double vision looking up and down and misalignment of eyes. I have double vision looking up which I didn't have after my left orbital... READ MORE

Swollen cheeks on the lower quadrant - natural? Will my face structure will go back to normal without plates on it? (Photos)

I am a 22 yo F, i loss my consciousness and hit the right side of my face on a cemented flr prior to that i felt numbness on my righ teeth, lips and... READ MORE

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