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One Month Since my Nose and Cheek Surgery - Why is my Face Still Numb?

I was shot in the face and had to have surgery to repair the fragments in my cheek and nose. The surgery was almost a month ago but the left side of... READ MORE

Paranasal Implants to Help with Bone Loss?

I am interested in getting an implant that goes in between my nose and mouth to rebuild this concaved area due to bone loss. Will putting an implant... READ MORE

Facial Reconstruction w/ Rhinoplasty - Long-Term Swelling?

I was in a accident a year ago and since then I've had multiple facial reconstructive surgeries. The latest one on my nose was to be the final one... READ MORE

Orbital fracture surgery and numbness. Any suggestions?

Hello, I just went for an orbital floor reconstruction. I had no numbness before and now, after 2 days, I can't feel my cheek, nose and part of my lip... READ MORE

Face Shorter and Nose Shorter? (photo)

Can I have (craniofacial) surgery to significantly shorten the mid third of my face and surgery to shorten my nose and make it slimmer?,my face is too... READ MORE

What must be done to correct my facial asymmetry? (Photo)

This problem seems to be getting worse. I find it distresses me almost every day. The bones on the right side of my face are larger than those on the... READ MORE

What Types of Cosmetic Surgery Has This Woman Had? Would It Be Possible to Achieve the Same Results? (photo)

This is Eiza Gonzalez. She says she's had a rhinoplasty but she's clearly gone through several different procedures. If I were to undergo the same... READ MORE

Forehead flap revision on side of nose. (photos)

Had forehead flap, nasal hole too small and side is contorted and frontal view is also now contorted. Can anyone recommend a doctor that can do... READ MORE

Can I reshape my face to make my jaw, cheeks and nose more attractive? (photos)

I have a very weak chin as I have come from Asian heritage. I want to reshape my face so that it looks something similar to th models as I want to be... READ MORE

Facial Reconstruction for a bear attack victim. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello, Greetings from Bhutan! I had been doing research on facial reconstruction for my best friend like my own brother who was attacked by bear on... READ MORE

What and when Do I Need to Think About or Start Have Surgeries for my Daughter Who Was Attacked by a Dog?

My daughter was attacked by a dog about 10 months ago. It basically ripped her nose off and she is missing the top part of her ear. She already had... READ MORE

Facial re-construction/rhinoplasty/ jaw reduction. Which procedures would benefit me the most? (Photo)

Hi I have an extremely round face, wide nose, strong chin and small smile. I would like an overall more slender face that is as aesthetically pleasing... READ MORE

What are the recommended procedures to get back to me after an MVA that caused multiple facial fractures? (photo)

I have multiple plates in my face - left orbital floor, left cheek, maxilla (below top lip), left side of nose, eyebrow bone. CONCERNS: - I have no... READ MORE

43 years old with asymmetric facial appearance! I have already had rhinoplasty and chin implant. (Photo)

My eyes are prominent, however my left eye is more prominent than the right. I suffered trauma to the right eye several years ago and have been ruled... READ MORE

Piece of plastic came from my mouth/nasal passage. What is it and do I need to get it fixed? (Photo)

In the past I had facial reconstruction due to a car accident. I believe this was from that. I was sucking from my nasal and this came out of mouth. I... READ MORE

swelling after 6 months of surgery of fracture fixation

I had an accident and my jaw bone,cheek bone,nose and eyebrow bone had fracture. i had a surgery for the fixation these fractures. it had been 6... READ MORE

How much swelling is normal 3 months after Orbital Rim and Floor repair?

I had an accident that ruptured my eye as well as smashing the orbital rim and floor. I also had a broken nose, maxillary sinus, and zygomatic arch.... READ MORE

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