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Acoustic Neuroma Removal

I have not smiled since 1980 when i had an acoustic neuroma removal. My left eye doesnt blink or tear, my lips are crooked when I talk, I am hearing... READ MORE

Surgery Leading to Possible Nerve Damage of the Forehead/upper Eye Brow. Should I Be Concerned?

I am most likely getting a procedure to fix my post fractured zygoma. The surgery would consist of removing bone from the zygomatic arch area. The... READ MORE

How to Repair Old (Overlooked) Zygoma/Maxilla Bone when the Crack / Split Goes Through Infraorbital "Tunnel"?

How to avoid a damage of infraorbital nerve during surgery of that place. Is it possible in that case ? READ MORE

Is there hope for permanent facial nerve damage? (crooked smile) (Photo)

Three years ago, I had a surgery to remove my bichat fat bags, and I had a nerve damaged. I also developed synkinesis, everytime I blink my eye, the... READ MORE

Can you help with my facial paralysis? (Photo)

I got in an accident when I was 2 years old and it led me to become paralyzed on one side of my face. I have nerve damage but I can feel everything... READ MORE

My Face is Severely Asymmetrical After a Car Accident 11 Years Ago, Is there Anything that Can Fix this? (photo)

I had a car accident in 2001, and suffered nerve damage to the right side of my face. Now my face is severly asymmetrical. My right eye brow has... READ MORE

If Using a Temporal Lift Incision to Place a Supraorbital Rim Implant on the Brow Ridge, is There a Chance of Nerve Damage?

I'm a male but I have no brow bossing so my profile looks week . Since I need a brow lift I have been told a short incision will be made on each side... READ MORE

Pain and swelling 1.5 years after facial reconstruction. What's causing it?

I had open reduction maxillofacial reconstructive surgery after a blunt trauma on 2/14. Healing took many months with a lot of nerve pain, but have... READ MORE

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