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Removal of Metal Plates from Face?

Assaulted 6 months ago. Saw awful surgeon outside of seattle to fix facial fractures including zygomatic break. Have mesh under eye due to full blow... READ MORE

Can Facial Surgery to Fix Smile and Teeth Issue?

When my mouth is opened (calm, without laughing) I can see the half height of teeths. That is normal. But in a couple of months I will have a surgery... READ MORE

Jaw Reconstruction

I had the lower right mandible removed and replaced with titanium back in 2007 due to a malignant tumor that originated in my parotid gland. What are... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting Possible in Face Reconstruction?

I had a fistula from a tooth infection 4 years ago. It developed a mass on my lower jaw so I had it removed. Unfortunately,it resulted in a really bad... READ MORE

Do jaw plates need to be removed if puss is coming out?

My husband's jaw was broken about 6 years ago and he had a long metal plate put in. He is still a little numb but says he doesn't have pain. Off and... READ MORE

Jaw, Chin and Cheek Implants with Maxillofacial Surgery? (21 Years Old Man)

Maxillo facial surgeon told me the right side of my jaw grew bigger than the left side, causing a distortion. My upper/lower teeth fit together when I... READ MORE

Can I reshape my face to make my jaw, cheeks and nose more attractive? (photos)

I have a very weak chin as I have come from Asian heritage. I want to reshape my face so that it looks something similar to th models as I want to be... READ MORE

I Have a Small Forehead and Wide Jaws, I Want Push is my Jaws to Have a Heart Shape or Diamond Shape?

I have a small forehead and wide jaws, i want push is my jaws to have a heart shape or diamond shape. Is it possible, and how much will it cost? READ MORE

Facial re-construction/rhinoplasty/ jaw reduction. Which procedures would benefit me the most? (Photo)

Hi I have an extremely round face, wide nose, strong chin and small smile. I would like an overall more slender face that is as aesthetically pleasing... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remodel Facial Bone Structure Towards Beauty or Attractiveness Standards? (photo)

I'm a 20 year old male from Europe and I've always been troubled with my face due to my aparent lack of physical attractiveness in the area. I think... READ MORE

Surgery at Orbital Bone and Upper Jaw Bone (photos)

Dear Sir, I was met with an accident Six year ago and a surgery have been conducted during that time on my face ( Right Side Below Right Eye &... READ MORE

Face wrecked by mouth breathing. Long face synd (2 inch too long), no projection, and vertical jaw growth (photo)

I want to look normal! i am desperate to achieve projection in my midface, and facial height shortening. I have appts with reconstructive... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, how can I reduce facial swelling as quickly as possible after reconstructive/plastic surgery? (photos)

Broke my left jaw, cheekbone, orbital, & nose. 2 weeks post-op & still puffy as expected, BUT I noticed the left side of my face seems to be pulled... READ MORE

swelling after 6 months of surgery of fracture fixation

I had an accident and my jaw bone,cheek bone,nose and eyebrow bone had fracture. i had a surgery for the fixation these fractures. it had been 6... READ MORE

Is it possible to get rid of squamoid bulging caused from brachycephaly?

I am a young adult with bulging above my ears and it does not really fit my face shape very well because I have a very square jaw. Is there anything... READ MORE

I went mentally ill. I pushed with both hands on the side (around cheekbones) of my face. Now I'm deformed+pain

I've visited many doctors and they made a ct-scan. I told them i had an accident because I'm ashamed off what happened. My eyes look more hollow and... READ MORE

Severe facial asymmetry after a car accident, can it be corrected with surgery? (before and after photos included).

I fractured my orbital bone around my right eye in a few places in a car accident last year. The break has caused drooping of my upper eye lid, and... READ MORE

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