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What Can I Expect from Facial Reconstruction Surgery?

I have had several plastic surgeries, since l was 2 months old. What could be the best methods and the possible results for me? READ MORE

I Have a Smaller Eye After Getting Punched? (photo)

I got in a fight about 5 yrs ago and I got hit in my left eye wich cause major swelling. After the swelling went down I had the black eye for almost a... READ MORE

My Grandson Was Playing Soccer and Got an Elbow to His Forehead. Now Has a Depression?

Taken to the ER where a CT showed he has a fracture of the frontal sinus. He received 3 stiches to close up a laceration. His forehead now shows a... READ MORE

Why Would my Eye Hallow After Injury?

Noticed increased hallowing of eye following injury to that area 3 years ago. No fracture noted on Xray 8 months after injury but waiting on CT.... READ MORE

Will insurance cover reconstructive surgery for injury from an elective procedure?

I had zygoma arch reduction a few years ago and I have had persistent tenderness on one side of my face and pain when I laugh for a while or smile too... READ MORE

When to fairly judge results after cheekbone surgery? When will most swelling dissipate? (photos)

Hi, I had my left cheekbone re broken and fixated 8 months after a soccer injury (took a knee to the face). The only incision made was inside my gums.... READ MORE

I Have Metal Eye Socket from Wreck I Feel a Lot of Pressure Around Eye an Hurting with Matting?

The metal sticks out more each week i hit my head the other day it right at corner of my eye that it stick out the pressure is unreal an now won't... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for plastic surgery? (photo)

As a child, I suffered a traumatic head injury on the right side/ temporal region on my skull. My face is quite uneven and has been getting worse as... READ MORE

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