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For a Flat Small Head, Are There Implants That Can Be Inserted to Add Size to the Skull?

I have a very small head and its flat at the top. It doesn't curve up like a normal shaped head so i always puff my hair up to hide it. But I have... READ MORE

Can a Personal Implant Be Constructed to Fit my Asymmetric Needs?

One side of my face is smaller then the other and, in order to level out, needs some implants done. One side of my forhead is thinner while the other... READ MORE

Is There a Tear Trough/malar Combo Implant?

I've heard of submalar/malar combo implants, but I'm inquiring about a tear trough (suborbital) malar combination implant as a way to... READ MORE

Can Cranial Implants enlarge one's skull or head's size?

I like to ask if it is possible when a person is either growth hormone deficiency result in retardation of growth to adult size.for a person to... READ MORE

Supraorbital bone implant for hollow eyes?

I am 26 and eyeball is sticking out which makes the eyelid show dramaticly. It looks like its hollowness but its result of a low brow bone ridge, not... READ MORE

Can you use cranial implants/skull augmentation to add a small amount of height?

So i want to be a flight attendant but i am 1 or 2cm off the height requirement. Can you use cranial implants/skull augmentation to add a small amount... READ MORE

Enlarging one's skull size with 3D PMMA Implants?

I need to know if I use 3D design PMMA implants to enlarge the skull size how much can I get the most? READ MORE

Do I need an implant: facial fracture in Zygomatic arch and maxilla. (Photo)

Its almost 4 weeks from now and i feel numbness but its better now than last few weeks do i need an implant READ MORE

I have a question regarding an orbital fracture surgery I had a couple of years ago. Screw under eye is protruding, and painful.

I had surgery a couple of years back on an orbital fracture. There was in implant put in under my left eye and was screwed in. One of the screws under... READ MORE

Do any surgeons specialise in radical transformation as opposed to rejuvenation?

I'm looking to radically change my appearance. What I am looking for is a new face. Jaw surgery, rhinoplasty, cheek implants, forehead reduction, chin... READ MORE

How to make my head bigger? (photos)

What can be done to make my head bigger? my skull circumference is only 21'', this is unacceptable for a human male. Take these pictures for example... READ MORE

After Operation for Removal of Implanted Plates from my Face, Blow Left Eye and Cheek Bones, Puss Discharge? (photo)

Dear Sir/Madam, I had a big accedent in 2010 and my face was totally damaged at left side.Doctors implanted plates bellow left eye and also in chick... READ MORE

Higher eyeball after orbital floor surgery. Any suggestions?

I had silent sinus syndrome which caused the orbital floor to melt and my eye to sunken in! However I did the surgery to fix that a week ago but I... READ MORE

Asymmetric smile after midface implant + tissue resuspension. Can microsurgery re-attachment of torn muscle branch help? (Photo)

Midface implant in my whole midface. PEEK material. Surgeon also did a tissue resuspension. At first i could not lift right corner of my mouth. After... READ MORE

If I had an infection following cranioplasty implantation, do I run a higher risk years after the treatment?

I would like to do another cranioplasty. Its been 2 years since the first failed and wanted to know am I at greater risk because I developed... READ MORE

Facial reconstruction to restore symmetry & expand/rebuild sinus cavity? Bone grafts? Custom implants? Is this possible? (Photo)

I have a severe version of silent sinus syndrome that led to my orbital floor sinking and jaw/midface being asymmetrical. The affected sinus cavity is... READ MORE

Is this misalignment normal during recovery. How long do I need to wait before seeing progress?

I recently had an orbital fracture repair (surgery was 10 days ago). Diplopia was only in upgaze before the surgery and now is pretty much in all... READ MORE

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