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For a Flat Small Head, Are There Implants That Can Be Inserted to Add Size to the Skull?

I have a very small head and its flat at the top. It doesn't curve up like a normal shaped head so i always puff my hair up to hide it. But I have... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Fat Roll on Back of Head?

Hello, I've had (what feels like) a roll of fat on the back of my head for as long as I can remember. It gives my scalp a very peculiar look. Any... READ MORE

Can I Have Surgery for Craniosynostosis at Age 17?

Hi my name is lara.I'm 17 years old and i'm suffering from an untreated craniosynostosis condition (coronal) .my parents decided not to help... READ MORE

I Want to Bring my Dent on Right Side of Forehead Back to Normal How Do I Do That? (photo)

I met with an accident and went through an operation of my head as there was internal bleeding after the cure i have a dent on my right side of... READ MORE

I think I have flat head syndrome. I know that babies can have this and it could be treated but I'm 18. Any suggestion? (photos)

If my skull is too hard to be molded like many babies that have this problem are there any surgeries that could fix this?? I know it's my skull and it... READ MORE

Is there any way I can fix my head shape? (photos)

I need help, I wish there can be something I can do with my head shape, I am tired of people looking or stare at me, but I am begging and hope that... READ MORE

Is There Treatment for Scaphocephaly in a Four Year Old?

I asked our pediatrician many times about the shape of my sons head when he was an infant. The pediatrician would feel around his head and assure me... READ MORE

The right side of my head is different than the left side. Any suggestions?

I am asking if there's any way to make the both sides of my head to look the same.At first I thought it was my hair but when I got a haircut there's a... READ MORE

Is There a Doctor in Florida Who Can Fill in my Flat Head?

My head is very flat/indented on the top. I have spent my life teasing my hair, wearing hair pieces, etc., etc. All I need is a little increase in the... READ MORE

I Hate my Head Shape. Can I Change It, and Also I Hate my Hair? (photo)

I Love All Races Hair Except for Black People Hair Can I Change? I want to change my head shape, and also change my hair, to be like hair that I can... READ MORE

How to make my head bigger? (photos)

What can be done to make my head bigger? my skull circumference is only 21'', this is unacceptable for a human male. Take these pictures for example... READ MORE

Can you fix brachycephaly with surgery at the age of 14? (photo)

I am a boy and recently I have noticed my head is very deformed. It sticks out a lot at the back of my head. It haunts me everytime i see a picture of... READ MORE

What Options Do I Have to Fix the Flatness of the Back of my Head(adult)? (photo)

I am a young man with a skull that is flat at the back. It has caused me a lot of grief as a younger teenager and to this day and I think it’s time I... READ MORE

Do I Have Plagiocephaly? (photo)

The right side of my head is a lot skinnier and flatter than the left side of my head, which is more round. Looking back through my pictures i've... READ MORE

Head resembles light bulb shape. Any suggestions?

Hi, i have been experiencing some problems regarding skull abnormality can you please provide me with some guidance. The problem is that above my ears... READ MORE

About flat head problems (for adult). What is the cost of this kind of surgery abroad?

I have asymmetry face due to flat head syndrome.I want some staff in to my face to fix it then also fix my flat head(back).I already took surgery for... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Treat an Irregularity of the Shape of the Skull Which Was Caused by the Application of Chemicals?

One side of my head looks normal{nicely shaped with a smooth definitive shape} and my left side seems bigger at the top going to the back of my head.... READ MORE

I have a small and very flat head. What can do to change this? (photos)

I want too add too my skull and make it a little big with a nice shape. READ MORE

Should a Child Have Immunizations While Having Tissue Expanders in Her Head?

Can a child have vacccinatons while having tissue expanders in the head? READ MORE

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