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Can Facial Surgery to Fix Smile and Teeth Issue?

When my mouth is opened (calm, without laughing) I can see the half height of teeths. That is normal. But in a couple of months I will have a surgery... READ MORE

How Do You Know Where to Go to Get the Best Plastic Surgery Results for Facial Reconstruction?

After an accident where every bone in the right side of the face was smashed, there is bone missing. The plastic surgeon at home said that it will be... READ MORE

Can I get plastic surgery to give the illusion of facial symmetry or do I need reconstructive surgery? (photo)

In an accident in 07, broke/fractured most everything on right side of face, that side droops/has scarring. I am 24, was enrolled in an acting school... READ MORE

Can I reshape my face to make my jaw, cheeks and nose more attractive? (photos)

I have a very weak chin as I have come from Asian heritage. I want to reshape my face so that it looks something similar to th models as I want to be... READ MORE

I have a non-displaced zygomatic arch fracture. Do I need to schedule follow-ups during the healing process?

I recently hit my face, and preliminary x-rays show a non-displaced fracture in the Zygomatic arch. A specialist confirmed that surgery would not be... READ MORE

Facial fracture - cheek muscle tear and lower eyelid twitching frequently?

Met an accident in 2008. Right cheek got injured and was swollen for months. A plastic surgeon then said the swelling will go away with time. After 3... READ MORE

I have a small face. Any suggestions?

Sir i am 20 yrs old 5.5 weight 58kg but i look like 16 yrs old what should i do And my face size is to small how should i increase my face size i am... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for plastic surgery? (photo)

As a child, I suffered a traumatic head injury on the right side/ temporal region on my skull. My face is quite uneven and has been getting worse as... READ MORE

Is there an operation I can undergo to fix my skull/face, and, is this an example of negligence on behalf of the doctors?

I was born with metopic craniosynostosis in 1995. When I came out of the womb I had the signature cone on my forehead to the right. The doctors told... READ MORE

Why is it that when I smile, I can't show my teeth? My lips look like a rectangle and my face gets all squeezed. (photo)

People keep telling me that I never smile on picture or I kinda do a "duckface" but it's because my face get really ugly if I really smile and try to... READ MORE

Dent in Head - How can I correct it?

I have dent in head located top to left ear, due to this my face looks uneven. i think its from birth. but i noticed now only. pls suggest to correct READ MORE

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