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Can Broken Zygoma Bone Be Fixed?

I had a zygoma bone broken 3 years ago. It has been left spun under and in on the arch and part of my eye socket at about 5 millimitres. Is this... READ MORE

I Have a Smaller Eye After Getting Punched? (photo)

I got in a fight about 5 yrs ago and I got hit in my left eye wich cause major swelling. After the swelling went down I had the black eye for almost a... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Eyes After Cheekbone Surgery?

I got into an accident slightly more than a year ago, breaking my cheekbone. A surgery was done from the side of one eye and through my mouth to put a... READ MORE

Possibility of Reconstructive Surgery for Congenital Eye Deformity

Due to some problems during my mom's pregnancy I was born with facial deformity,specially my right eye is significantly misaligned with my left... READ MORE

Should I look into reconstructive surgery for orbital asymmetry? I believe fillers will only subtly hide the asymmetry. (photo)

Anatomically, my eye rests lower than the other. Likewise, the papilla, or more prominent, the entire lid rests lower. My eyes were really sharp and... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Help my Sinking Eye?

In 2001 I was in a car accident. I suffered from a deep laceration to the right side of my face, but no fractures were noted. I have... READ MORE

Eye projection after zygoma / orbital floor surgery. Is it normal? (Photo)

Hi. I had 6.5 hours of reconstructive surgery 7 months ago, and everything went well except a bit of an eye projection difference. The surgeon said... READ MORE

Will an eye that has suffered an Orbital Blowout return to normal position on it's own?

I haven't been to the doctor yet, but I am certain that I have an orbital blowout due to being punched in the eye. My eye swelled and was black for a... READ MORE

What must be done to correct my facial asymmetry? (Photo)

This problem seems to be getting worse. I find it distresses me almost every day. The bones on the right side of my face are larger than those on the... READ MORE

I'm Mr. Phil from the Philippines. My Left Eye Can Be Open Only Half Due to an Accident Last Month? (photo)

I'm Mr. Phil from the Philippines. My left eye can be open only half due to an accident last March 15, 2013. The Doctor said, there's a nerve... READ MORE

Multiple facial trauma. Any suggestions? (photos)

7 weeks ago, I had a horrible bike accident, I hit my face in the tree and had multiple facial fractures in the left side of face. My doctor said no... READ MORE

Fronto-supraorbital Advancement Surgery ??

1.When the top half of the eye sockets are cut loose and advanced forward ,are the eye balls too moved forward along with them? 2.How long can the eye... READ MORE

I just have had orbital floor repair surgery yesterday. Now my eye is completely displaced! Is this normal? (photo)

July 26th I had an blowout injury on my right eye. The orbital floor was completely fractured. I waited until August 19th (24 days) to get floor... READ MORE

Eyes with different sizes after accident. Do I need any surgery? (Photo)

I spent eight months with seven contact lenses in my upper eyelid, without knowing. Three doctors no one found out the problem.. They were removed... READ MORE

Any treatment for one eye deep in socket problem? Causing very asymmetrical eyes.

My crossbite causing one of mye eyes deep in the socket (underdeveloped lower jaw) The eye is also lower than the other. I dont need to get the eye... READ MORE

Wondering is surgery is possible to align eyes to each other? Shy of pictures. A fear of them. Intense fear. (Photo)

Had a motor vehicle accident. Catastrophic level requiring helicopter ambulance. By the looks of it, the left eye was impacted really hard. Feels like... READ MORE

Is there a procedure that could make my eyes further apart?

I have read that the craniofacial surgery would be inefficient and it appears that my eyes are properly distanced but the opening of the skin is what... READ MORE

Oculoplastic Surgery for More Wide-set Eyes? (Re-positioning Orbits)

Online, I've read of nothing but the financially unfeasible nature of such a procedure & how complex it is (i.e. cutting into facial bones and... READ MORE

I Have Metal Eye Socket from Wreck I Feel a Lot of Pressure Around Eye an Hurting with Matting?

The metal sticks out more each week i hit my head the other day it right at corner of my eye that it stick out the pressure is unreal an now won't... READ MORE

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