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Best Surgeon for Reconstructive Surgery?

I have had a difficlt plastic surgery, becouse l had my first surgery when l was 1 year old, to remove the hemangioma l was born with. What would be... READ MORE

Facial Reconstructive Surgeon Recommendations in Southern CA?

The Right side of my face has been paralyzed since birth due to a forceps delivery. The right side is sagging more and causing serve watering of the... READ MORE

How Do You Know Where to Go to Get the Best Plastic Surgery Results for Facial Reconstruction?

After an accident where every bone in the right side of the face was smashed, there is bone missing. The plastic surgeon at home said that it will be... READ MORE

I am looking for a plastic surgeon who has experience doing skull augmentation. I would appreciate any recommendations.

Both sides of my head curve in too much towards the top and the back is not well rounded. READ MORE

Top doctors and facial reconstructive surgeons in California?

How can I get a list of the top California doctors that specialize in facial reconstruction? I have researched reviews and doctors sites as much as I... READ MORE

Can you recommend a NYC facial surgeon who accepts UHC Community Plan for friend who just had cheekbone broken in a bike wreck?

My dear friend was hit by a drunk driver on her bicycle a few days ago and sustained multiple injuries, including to her face. She is currently at... READ MORE

Who are the top facial reconstructive surgeons in the world?

I have develope severe depression and currently taking Zoloft after an unsuccessful facial surgery. I am currently consulting surgeons for revision in... READ MORE

Looking to get a reduction of s pointy skull on upper top with the results of a nice round shaped skull. Any suggestions?(photo)

Is any Doctor here qualified for this type of procedure being board cerified and in board of associates ...what would I be looking at if anyone is... READ MORE

Facial reconstruction options? (Photo)

Mh left side of my face rather close yo my cheek bone is sunken in because I had a facial tumor in the pass.I want to get it has a scar aswell... READ MORE

Facial cheek bone fracture, contour deformation and displacement of eye ball. Can this be fixed and look better? (photos)

I had an injury 9 years ago, my left cheek bone was fractured, left face contour slightly deformed, left eye displaced from its original position. The... READ MORE

Can You Help Me Finding a Very Experienced Facial Surgeon Who Does Reconstructive Surgery?

My face has several bumps, dimples and is asymmetric due to past unsuccessful surgeries. I am self conscious and often fell sad about it. READ MORE

Zygomatic arch. Can you recommend a maxillofacial cranial reconstruction surgeon who is skilled in this particular area?

Hi doctors, I had my cheekbone/zygomatic arch reduced 2 years ago. Unfortunately the results was not what I had expected. The surgeon reduced the bone... READ MORE

I have a mild case of Parry Romberg. I'm 28 with asymmetry and tissue loss in the mid face and temples.How can I restore volume?

I don't feel comfortable posting pictures but I can describe the asymmetry. The left side of my face appears smaller than the right overall, and the... READ MORE

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