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Can Broken Zygoma Bone Be Fixed?

I had a zygoma bone broken 3 years ago. It has been left spun under and in on the arch and part of my eye socket at about 5 millimitres. Is this... READ MORE

Suspected Facial Nerve Damage, Left Side Cheek Bone? (photo)

Hey, Two years ago I had an accident in my bathroom where I slipped fell and knocked my head against the bathtub on my way down. The blow was to my... READ MORE

Untreated Broken Cheekbone - Facial Flattening and Possible Atrophy - 14 Months? What Can Be Done - Utterly Distraught? (photo)

Hello, 14 Months ago I was in a car accident, I was told that my cheekbone was broken - there was an X-Ray conducted but no CT scan. I knew from the... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Eyes After Cheekbone Surgery?

I got into an accident slightly more than a year ago, breaking my cheekbone. A surgery was done from the side of one eye and through my mouth to put a... READ MORE

Is my whole maxilla recessed? No cheekbones/forward grown face. Is there a way to bring it forward & shorten long face? (Photo)

I was a mouth breather since age 3. For average female proportions of caucasians, my midface (glabella to nasal base) is about 7mm too long. Is there... READ MORE

Should I get surgery for my fractured cheekbone? (photos)

3 weeks ago I fractured my right cheekbone in a few places and was told yesterday by the NHS that because I do not look like I have a fracture that I... READ MORE

Should a See a DMD/DDS Maxillofacial Surgeon or Cosmetic Facial Surgeon for a Zygomatic Osteotomy?

I suffered a zygomatic fracture 3 years ago and i want to get an osteotomy to remove the protruding bone from my zygomatic arch for a better symmetry.... READ MORE

Replacements of Broken Bones in Face?

Years ago I broke some bones in the left side of my face, not sure excastly which bones it is. But I think it is some where around the eye and... READ MORE

Collapsed facial structure at age 22. What can I do? (Photo)

I have always been strongly opposed to plastic surgery but at this point, I feel I have no other option. My facial structure has always been quite... READ MORE

What must be done to correct my facial asymmetry? (Photo)

This problem seems to be getting worse. I find it distresses me almost every day. The bones on the right side of my face are larger than those on the... READ MORE

Multiple facial trauma. Any suggestions? (photos)

7 weeks ago, I had a horrible bike accident, I hit my face in the tree and had multiple facial fractures in the left side of face. My doctor said no... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Cheek Bone Fracture and Eye Socket Repair? (photo)

I had an zygomatic surgery just 1 week ago. My cheeckbone was dislocated and eye socket was fractured on right side of my face.. Doctor planted 2... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remodel Facial Bone Structure Towards Beauty or Attractiveness Standards? (photo)

I'm a 20 year old male from Europe and I've always been troubled with my face due to my aparent lack of physical attractiveness in the area. I think... READ MORE

My cheekbone were broken & smashed, sinus smashed, & enlarged zygomatic right arch. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I had my right cheekbone broken when I wad 17, It just swelled out,always conscious of it, when I was 32, I was jumped, by someone who smashed, my... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, how can I reduce facial swelling as quickly as possible after reconstructive/plastic surgery? (photos)

Broke my left jaw, cheekbone, orbital, & nose. 2 weeks post-op & still puffy as expected, BUT I noticed the left side of my face seems to be pulled... READ MORE

When to fairly judge results after cheekbone surgery? When will most swelling dissipate? (photos)

Hi, I had my left cheekbone re broken and fixated 8 months after a soccer injury (took a knee to the face). The only incision made was inside my gums.... READ MORE

My cheekbone was fractured over 20 years ago and I would like to get it fixed before I am married. I think I need an osteotomy?

I was brutally assaulted as a teenager & my cheekbone was fractured. As a result my right cheekbone is somewhat sunken, my eye droops on that side... READ MORE

swelling after 6 months of surgery of fracture fixation

I had an accident and my jaw bone,cheek bone,nose and eyebrow bone had fracture. i had a surgery for the fixation these fractures. it had been 6... READ MORE

Is There Something to Fix 1 Cheek Fatter Than the Other?

I had maxillofacial surgery for broken cheekbone now 1 cheek is puffy and sticks out farther than the other. The doctor said it was something like the... READ MORE

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