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Can I Have Surgery for Craniosynostosis at Age 17?

Hi my name is lara.I'm 17 years old and i'm suffering from an untreated craniosynostosis condition (coronal) .my parents decided not to help... READ MORE

Is Lip Reconstruction Possible for Me? I Was Bitten By A Dog As a Child. (photo)

I was bitten by a dog when I was 3 years old, im 19 now, id just like to know if from the looks of my lips if it can be reconstructed to look more... READ MORE

Brow Ridge Reduction? (photo)

I was wondering if i am a candidate for a reduction on my brow bone. Recovery is a big issue, how long would i be down for after surgery? Also a price... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate Reconstructive Surgery for Deep Hollowness in the Cheeks?

I am a 22 year old female and when I was a month old a steroid cream was applied to my cheeks to treat a skin infection. After a couple of years, when... READ MORE

Would You Correct Asymmetry in the Face of an 11-year-old Boy Who Had a Tumor Now and by What Method? (photo)

My child had a malignant tumor removed from his left cheek and then was treated with 6 weeks of radiation. The radiation stopped the growth on that... READ MORE

Zygomatic arch broken 18 days ago, is it too late for a surgery? (Photo)

The zygomatic carch is broken and it has been 18 days since then. is it okay to undergo a surgery through Keen's approach to fix it or is it too late... READ MORE

Collapsed facial structure at age 22. What can I do? (Photo)

I have always been strongly opposed to plastic surgery but at this point, I feel I have no other option. My facial structure has always been quite... READ MORE

What types of treatments would provide me with a more symmetrical face? (Photo)

I suffered facial trauma a few years ago, which resulted in facial paralysis that lasted for about a year. I still have facial weakness and synkenisis... READ MORE

Change facial type with craniofacial surgery?

Is it possible to change your facial growth pattern as an adult? Can you change a long leptoprosopic face to a mesoprosopic face? My face is very... READ MORE

Should I get a orbital decompression surgery? (Photo)

Hi guys, all of my life I have been very self conscious of my eyes (along with a few of my other features). My eyes are always bulging, and they are... READ MORE

Can you help with my facial paralysis? (Photo)

I got in an accident when I was 2 years old and it led me to become paralyzed on one side of my face. I have nerve damage but I can feel everything... READ MORE

Suturing not done properly. Do I need plastic surgery now? (Photo)

I had an accident a month back and right nostril was almost torn off. Got the stiches done but lower part not attached properly. Is it now possible to... READ MORE

Am I ugly? Do I need a facial reconstruction? I hate everything about my face. Help. (Photo)

Im a premature baby and was born 3 months earlier. This was the reason why my facial feautures were not fully-developed. I hate everything about it... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Treat an Irregularity of the Shape of the Skull Which Was Caused by the Application of Chemicals?

One side of my head looks normal{nicely shaped with a smooth definitive shape} and my left side seems bigger at the top going to the back of my head.... READ MORE

I require a Synkinesis specialist in Texas to get my life back. (Photo)

Been suffering from synkinesis due to bells palsy late in 2013. Any doctor that can help me recover my facial symmetry and expression back in the... READ MORE

I was in a car wreck and sustained facial fractures that affected the asymmetry of my eyes. Can this be restored? (Photo)

Who, what, where, and when would be the details to my question. I'm willing to travel abroad to correct this, but if there's someone in the US then... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for plastic surgery? (photo)

As a child, I suffered a traumatic head injury on the right side/ temporal region on my skull. My face is quite uneven and has been getting worse as... READ MORE

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