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Brow Bone Reduction or Forehead Augmentation Above Brow Bone?

I'm a 20 year old male and want to improve my forehead and nose. I have a prominent brow bone which kind of gives me that "neanderthal" look. Would a... READ MORE

I Have Two Bumps on my Forehead How Can I Get Rid of These Bumps?

I'm a 14 year old boy and I have these two bone bumps on my forehead it's just the way my forehead is,I was wondering if there's a way that they can... READ MORE

18 Year Old Male, Neanderthal-Like Forehead. What Can I Do About This and How Much Would It Cost? (photo)

What can I do to make my forehead more appealing? Also what can I do about the mark on my forehead READ MORE

Is a Brow Bone Reduction on a Female Possible? (photo)

I'm a 22 year old female, and maybe this is me just being very particular, but I've noticed that my brow bone is a lot more prominent than the average... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a browbone reduction to have a more elegant/feminine profile? (photo)

I am a 29 year old female. I feel I have a very prominent browbone. I feel I am attractive head on but quite unattractive in side profile. Are there... READ MORE

2 Years Post Zygoma Reduction Symptoms Indicative of Bone Displacement or Nonunion?

I had Zygoma reduction in Asia 2 years ago and I have had a tenderness to the touch on a part of the Zygomatic arch on one side of my face. I feel a... READ MORE

I Had FFS Surgery Done but Don't Like the Result and Want It Reversed, I Miss my Old Face?

I cant recognise myself, Lucky I have a lot of pictures before surgery and also have a full xray of my skull before surgery. Bone was only shaved,... READ MORE

Brow Bone Reduction/orbital Ridge Always Includes Metal,screws?

When only shaving back is not enough and reconstruction of the orbital ridge is a fact; I guess that osteotomie is the case then? Does it always... READ MORE

Can you shave down your skull bone at all? (photo)

The picture shown is my oblique view and I'm wondering if the area shaded in the bottom picture can be shaved down to about where I shaded it to. This... READ MORE

Can my forehead be shaved down to get rid of a bulge? (photo)

My forehead bulges out in the middle and there are indentations on both sides which cases my forehead to look extremely wide and abnormal. If you look... READ MORE

Is there anyway flatten my brow bone, and get rid of the extra skin (pull it)? (photo)

I want to flatten my brow bone to make me appear more Asian. I'm quarter Japanese, and want my brow bone to appear more like my mother's. My brow bone... READ MORE

Forehead Contouring Revision?

I've had brow bone reduction done via coronal incision but the result wasn't satisfactory. How safe is it to do revision via existing scar. READ MORE

Cost of brow bone reduction? Is there any places near Dallas Texas? (photo)

I've done some research and I'm not finding any places near me who do this procedure . I would be willing to travel . READ MORE

Is there any way to flatten my brow bone, and remove the excess skin?

I want to flatten my brow bone to make appear more Asian. I'm quarter Japanese, and I want the flat brow bone my mother has. Plus, when I smile, a... READ MORE

Is it possible to create a mild yet natural brow ridge by shaving part of the forehead bone?

I have a relatively upright forehead shape which means I have no defined supraorbital ridge at all. I was wondering if there might be a way to create... READ MORE

Eyebrow Bone Reduction?

Is there any type of surgical procedure to reduce the bone under eyebrows? READ MORE

Surgery to reduce the forehead protuding? (photo)

I have a Neanderthal like forehead that gets especially bad when I frown, as in the image. It gives me deep set eyes and causes quite a bit of self... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost for Brow Bone Surgery. I is Their Any Way to Make a Payment Plan?

I recently discovered that I have hyperthyroidism, but didn't have insurance to discover that I had it. Due to that my brow bone has petruded to the... READ MORE

I Saw Earlier a Person Posted About a Bump on Their Forehead. How Can I Get Rid of Mine. Every Possible Way? (photo)

I have a permanent bump on my forehead and it bothers me everyday. I think it's a calcium build up. Is it possible to get rid of it without surgery... READ MORE

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