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Can I use bone-cement to reshape my skull?

First im sorry if my english isnt so good i hope i can make myself clear. iv a very odd skull shape. n its been bothering me since i was a kid.. i... READ MORE

Scalp Advance Safe After Previous Coronal Incision ?

I've had unsatisfactory brow bone reduction done via coronal incision. I would like to have revision + scalp advance in the future. This means there... READ MORE

Supraorbital bone implant for hollow eyes?

I am 26 and eyeball is sticking out which makes the eyelid show dramaticly. It looks like its hollowness but its result of a low brow bone ridge, not... READ MORE

Does medicaid cover frontal bone surgery?

If my frontal bone is uneven and i want reconstructive surgery so how can i prove with medicaid that is true and request for medicaid cover this... READ MORE

Forehead bone settlement. (photo)

Sir my forehead bone right over eyebrows is upraised by birth now i am 43 is it possible to plain and smooth it and how and how much expensive it will READ MORE

Can rasped bone be replaced/reversed/undone by eye area?

I have pain and blurred vision where the bone has been rasped and wonder if it can be undone? It's only come to light a while after it has healed -... READ MORE

Do benefits outweigh risks proceeding w/ reconstructive surgery w/ drilling through bone to anchor suture? (photos)

Lower bleph w/canthopexy for malor bags 4 yrs ago. Left eye drooping 4 wks post op. 3 revisions on L eye ensued. By 4th surgery, outer canthus rounded... READ MORE

I Have a Protruding Occipital Bone Thats Annoying How Much Would It Cost to Get It Reduced?

The thing is it gets in the way when getting haircuts and I'm always rubbing on it when shampooing. It just seems out of place to me and don't want it... READ MORE

What is wrong with my forehead? Can it be fixed? If so how do I go about doing it? (photos)

I'm 22 years old and I've had a forehead like this ever since I was a toddler and I always used to fall on my head...I've looked it up quite a lot and... READ MORE

Bone cement surgery/procedure to insert in crown area. (photo)

I have a really flat head on top of my crown area...I heard about this new procedure called bone cement where it's inserted to the area that needs... READ MORE

Does medicare cover for reconstructive frontal bone?

Before i have a accident and now my frontal bone and skull is uneven now i want surgery for reconstructive so medicare can cover for that can you give... READ MORE

3 weeks post Zygoma fracture and operation. 1 week after swelling down 70%. Last 2 weeks last 30% did not move at all. (photo)

Surgery went well and there were no complications. Bone re-positioned and fixed with mini metal plates through a cut in my mouth. Partial numbness of... READ MORE

where is a treatment center in Pakistan for facial bone fractures?

Hi my name is Muhammad Akbar , i live in Quetta , Balochistan , i have facial bone fracture problem from 8 years, and i didnot find any doctor in this... READ MORE

Left eyelid drooping after bone replacement surgery. (photo)

I had a bone replacement above my left eyebrow, after diagnosed of fibrous dysplaysia. But , my left eye-lid has been dropping half-way post the... READ MORE

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