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I Have Two Bumps on my Forehead How Can I Get Rid of These Bumps?

I'm a 14 year old boy and I have these two bone bumps on my forehead it's just the way my forehead is,I was wondering if there's a way that they can... READ MORE

Can I Have Surgery for Craniosynostosis at Age 17?

Hi my name is lara.I'm 17 years old and i'm suffering from an untreated craniosynostosis condition (coronal) .my parents decided not to help... READ MORE

Maxilla Fracture Healing Time?

I am a 16 year old male. I had an accident on 24th june where I got a fracture on my face(maxillary). Doctors said I may need a maxillofacial surgery... READ MORE

Why is my Head Egg Shaped? Can It Be Fixed at 16 Years Old?

I was born with a non-egg shaped head and it has eventually formed into the form of well, and egg. Can it be fixed at my age of 16? READ MORE

Is There Treatment for Scaphocephaly in a Four Year Old?

I asked our pediatrician many times about the shape of my sons head when he was an infant. The pediatrician would feel around his head and assure me... READ MORE

I am 16 yrs old and I am really depressed about the shape of of my skull, I'm wondering is there a way I can change it? (photo)

When I was a baby I had a normal shaped head, however as I have gotten older its became a really odd shape and I often get very insecure because of it... READ MORE

Would You Correct Asymmetry in the Face of an 11-year-old Boy Who Had a Tumor Now and by What Method? (photo)

My child had a malignant tumor removed from his left cheek and then was treated with 6 weeks of radiation. The radiation stopped the growth on that... READ MORE

I live in the DFW area in Texas and I was wondering if it was possible to get orbital decompression surgery. (photo)

;due to buldging from hyperthyriodism. About 2 years ago i got my thyroid disease radioactivly removed with an iodine pill and i no longer have graves... READ MORE

Skull and forehead surgery for five year old kids?

My baby then the emergence of the frontal bone between the eyebrows diagnosed disease osteomalacia but the problem is that we treat them and her legs... READ MORE

Can you fix brachycephaly with surgery at the age of 14? (photo)

I am a boy and recently I have noticed my head is very deformed. It sticks out a lot at the back of my head. It haunts me everytime i see a picture of... READ MORE

Is this bony bump on my forehead a condition or just bone structure? (Photo)

I am a 17 year old male. I jave had these bony bumps on my forehead for as long as I an remember. My friends comment on it sometimes and say it looks... READ MORE

Should a Child Have Immunizations While Having Tissue Expanders in Her Head?

Can a child have vacccinatons while having tissue expanders in the head? READ MORE

What do u think of medphor. Have syndrome child- 10 who had mid face advancement and forehead recon. Cement, bone dust failed.

Dr. wants to do another recon using medphor for temple area and titanium mesh for large gaps. Unsure of medphor in case future surgeries r needed,... READ MORE

How long will drainage occur after Crainiofacial Surgery for a person with Apert Syndrome?

This person is 16 and recently had crainiofacial surgery Approximately 6 weeks after crainiofacial surgery to pull out the face and open up the... READ MORE

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