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Removal of Metal Plates from Face?

Assaulted 6 months ago. Saw awful surgeon outside of seattle to fix facial fractures including zygomatic break. Have mesh under eye due to full blow... READ MORE

One Month Since my Nose and Cheek Surgery - Why is my Face Still Numb?

I was shot in the face and had to have surgery to repair the fragments in my cheek and nose. The surgery was almost a month ago but the left side of... READ MORE

No Improvement After Orbital Floor Reconstructive Surgery? (photo)

Hi, I had a blowout fracture 1986 when i was 12 that was repaired.Fast forward to 2011 and i hated what i saw in pictures,A very droopy eye that had... READ MORE

Does Marijuana Hurt a Skin Flap? (photo)

I am going through reconstructive plastic surgery on the left side of my face, My next surgery will be a skin flap, my plastic surgeon said i HAVE to... READ MORE

My Eye is Higher After my Orbital Floor Blowout Surgery. Will It Settle Back into Alignment with my Other Eye?

Exactly 2 weeks ago was my surgery to repair my orbital floor blowout fracture in my right eye. My eye immediately after surgery was pushed up very... READ MORE

After an Open Reduction Operation for a Zygomatic Arch Fracture I Can Not Raise One Eyebrow. Will Movement Come Back?

1wk. ago I had an operation for my left Zygomatic arch. Incision was made under my hairline above my left temple. I have since not been able to raise... READ MORE

Facial Reconstruction w/ Rhinoplasty - Long-Term Swelling?

I was in a accident a year ago and since then I've had multiple facial reconstructive surgeries. The latest one on my nose was to be the final one... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Eyes After Cheekbone Surgery?

I got into an accident slightly more than a year ago, breaking my cheekbone. A surgery was done from the side of one eye and through my mouth to put a... READ MORE

2 Years Post Zygoma Reduction Symptoms Indicative of Bone Displacement or Nonunion?

I had Zygoma reduction in Asia 2 years ago and I have had a tenderness to the touch on a part of the Zygomatic arch on one side of my face. I feel a... READ MORE

I Had FFS Surgery Done but Don't Like the Result and Want It Reversed, I Miss my Old Face?

I cant recognise myself, Lucky I have a lot of pictures before surgery and also have a full xray of my skull before surgery. Bone was only shaved,... READ MORE

Do jaw plates need to be removed if puss is coming out?

My husband's jaw was broken about 6 years ago and he had a long metal plate put in. He is still a little numb but says he doesn't have pain. Off and... READ MORE

After Orbital Floor Surgery my Eyes Are Asymmetric Can This Be Fixed?

Orbital floor surgery after blunt trauma to my eye. Since the surgery my left eye is higher than the other eye. The doctor said that i would look... READ MORE

Orbital fracture surgery and numbness. Any suggestions?

Hello, I just went for an orbital floor reconstruction. I had no numbness before and now, after 2 days, I can't feel my cheek, nose and part of my lip... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Cheek After Reconstructive Surgery?

I recently (2months) had reconstructive surgery on my cheek after a car accident. The repaired cheek is much more depressed than the other. I know I'm... READ MORE

Lost facial feeling on the right cheek and lip after zygoma reduction. Will I permanently lose the feeling?

I had zygoma reduction 2 weeks ago, but I noticed I lose feeling on the right cheek(like an upside down triangular area below the right eye and next... READ MORE

Orbital Bone Fracture?

I got a orbital bone fracture 4 years ago and have still been getting surgeries. I had notice after my one surgery that my eyeball dropped and was way... READ MORE

I Had a FTSG Taken from my Arm for my Eyelid. Can I Do Anything About the Color Mismatch? (photo)

I was in a bad car accident when I was 17 (I'm 30 now) and needed a full eyelid skin graft. They took the skin from my ears. After healing it... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Cheek Bone Fracture and Eye Socket Repair? (photo)

I had an zygomatic surgery just 1 week ago. My cheeckbone was dislocated and eye socket was fractured on right side of my face.. Doctor planted 2... READ MORE

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