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What Can Be Done to Make a Long Face Look Shorter and Possibly Wider? (photo)

I have a long face and also long features that accompany it like nose and chin. my question is what can you do about a long nose/long midface to make... READ MORE

Options for a Wider, Fuller Face

What Should I Do for a Wider More Fuller Face, Jaw Augmentation with Cheek Implants? I Feel my Face is to Flat and Narrow. I have been looking for... READ MORE

Can Jaw Implants Widen My Narrow Face?

I am a female with a very narrow jawline. can jaw implants give a natural fullness to my lower jaw? do all surgeons perform this operation? READ MORE

Surgical Methods to Widen a Small Mouth?

Is there any way of making mouth wider i.e. surgical methods? READ MORE

Best Options to Widen and Shorten Face

I have a long thin face which just seems too long and/or thin and I can't work out what procedure would be best for my face. chin reduction? jaw... READ MORE

What Options Do I Have to Broaden My Mandibular and Face?

Hi After one year i'm very despaired. In september 10 i had all my wisdom teeth removed. One year after, it's horrible. as you can see on the... READ MORE

Options For Facial Lengthening and Widening in Lower Face? (photo)

Hi. I would like to add more volume to widen my lower jaw area. I feel my face lacks volume/width as well as vertical length. I would like to have jaw... READ MORE

I Have a Narrow Forehead, is It Possible to Get a Wider Forehead? Maybe Half an Inch Wider?

Hello, I have a narrow forehead, is it possible to get a wider forehead? about half an inch or so? if possible how much would this procedure cost thanks READ MORE

Wide Set Eyes...

Is it posible (for a normal person who wasn't born with, or had trauma) to have surgery that would widen the distance between the eyes of closed... READ MORE

Wider Caucasian Eyes?

I know that the majority of eye enlargement surgeries occur in Asia, but I was wondering if there is any surgery available to make eyes bigger for... READ MORE

Procedure to Widen my Thin Face

Hi i am 20 , my face is very thin , it seem that I have this problem because of my bad teeth and small jaw ? is there any way to widen jaw and checks... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Widen the Top of my Head?

Can anthing be done to widen the top of my head so it's wider along the sides of my head and temple area?Because from the very top of my cheek... READ MORE

Are There Procedures Available to Widen Temple?

What's the best procedure for widening the temples next to the eyes and the side of the forehead slightly above the eyes? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Widen the Distance Between the Eyes?

In search of information I found an article( It's amazing. New life and celebration of the soul... READ MORE

Is it possible to make my face wider and bigger?

My face is much thin and small face i have. I want to make my face wide and little big . doctors please give me some suggestion. READ MORE

Can Gortex Strips Be Customized to Widen Temples?

Can gortex strips be customised to widen my temples and sides of forehead by 4mm as well as my jaw from my ear down by 4mm? My face has gotten narrow... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Face Wider and More Masculine?

I've noticed that my face is very narrow and being a male, it isn't very benificial. I was wondering if any procedures could fix this by... READ MORE

I have a long face and interested in jawline reduction or face widening. What procedure would you recommend?

I have a long face. It isn't because of my chin. It's more in my midface area. I'm wondering if there's any surgery to widen my face or jawline... READ MORE

How can I improve my jawline and widen my face without major surgery? (Photo)

Hi, I've always had a long face and a bit of fat under my chin even in my 20s and at normal weight, and as I've gotten older (I'm 44) I've noticed... READ MORE

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