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Is There Any Way to Change Rectangular Face Shape to Oval Shape?

Is there anyway to change rectangle facial shape to oval face shape with jaw wide reduction and anything else ? READ MORE

Is there something I can do to make my face wider? (photo)

Just feel like my face is a little bit too long and would like it to look shorter and rounder like in my photoshoped version. Would a simple nose job... READ MORE

Can Your Face Width Be Reduced?

My face width is a centimeter higher the ideal face width. By "ideal" I mean golden ratio ideal. My face would fit the mask if only it were not wider.... READ MORE

Best procedure to reduce wide/fat face? (Photo)

I'm 23 yrs old and I feel that the lower half of my face is heavy, especially when i smile. I believe that this is genetics; older family members also... READ MORE

Correction for Adult Mild/moderate Hypertelorism (Wide Set Eyes)? (photo)

What can be done about mild/moderate hypertelorism? I always looked a bit "odd" growing up and it now appears to me the root of the problem is how... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Make my Jawline Shaper (At the Angles) Without Making It Wider (photo)?

I have a round jawline and it's not due to fat but the actual jaw bone is round, is there a way to make it sharper but without making it wider? thank you! READ MORE

I'm 20 yrs old and when I smile or laugh my mouth opens very wide. Is it possible to make my smile not as wide?

Hi I am 20 years old, when I smile or laugh my mouth opens very wide so it seems that my smiel goes from ear to ear! is there anyway to fix it so when... READ MORE

Looking for the right cosmetic procedure to improve my face. Cost conscious (photos)

I love how I look from frontally but profile makes me cringe, especially when I smile. My biggest concern is my nose, particularly the bulbous tip &... READ MORE

Long, Crooked Chin and a Wide Nose? (photo)

I feel my chin is quite large. In certain pictures it doesn't look that awful, but, in others, especially when smiling, it conflicts with the rest of... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Thin out my Face? (photo)

I'm 5'5 and weigh 118-120 lbs and 31 years old. My face makes me look so much fatter then I am. Plus, I fluctuate about 5 lbs either way of my current... READ MORE

Options to Correct a Wide Face?

My Face is Rather Wide and I Would Really Like a Smaller Face. What Can I Do to Correct This? READ MORE

37 year old with full, sagging lower face; bulbous wide nose; and small, asymmetrical eyes. What would you recommend? (Photo)

Sliding genioplasty in 2009. Submental lipo, very small malar implant, and fat injections in 2011. Trying to improve my full, drooping lower face. Not... READ MORE

How to Correct Sagging/Oddly Shaped Mouth and Chin? (photo)

I'm in my 20s and have a couple of facial concerns I'd like to address. My congenital under-eye circles and wide nose bridge and tip are things I plan... READ MORE

Is there a way to change your face shape? (photos)

I have small features but a wide and not very angular shaped face. Is there a way to change that? Jaw implants? READ MORE

Will a cheekbone reduction make my face seem more narrow?

I'd like to know if cheekbone reduction really makes a difference in the size of someone's face. I have already had zygomatic arch burring by a doctor... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Cheekbones and Jaw Less Wide?

I have a round face, and I hate how wide my bone structure is. Particulary in my jaw and cheekbone area. Is there anything I can do to make it less... READ MORE

Is there a procedure that can make a wide head more narrow? (photos)

Hi my head is pretty round giving it the illusion that its small like a basketball. i was just wondering if theirs a procedure that can make my head... READ MORE

Could You Advise Me How Much Craniofacial Surgery to Widen Close Set Eyes Would Be?

Hi, could you advise me how much about cost(in GBP) Craniofacial Surgery to widen close set eyes? READ MORE

My forehead is not symmetrical and doesn't have any slope, is there any treatment to fix it? (photo)

I have a wide forehead and its bothering me .my forehead is not symmetry and doesn't have any slope please tell me is there any way for solving of... READ MORE

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