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19 Yr Old Sagging Cheeks, No Fullness on Cheekbones Very Full Lower Cheeks. What Can I Do?

I have always had chubby cheeks but now they appear saggy. I have very little volume on my upper cheeks and a lot of volume around lower cheeks and... READ MORE

Options For Facial Lengthening and Widening in Lower Face? (photo)

Hi. I would like to add more volume to widen my lower jaw area. I feel my face lacks volume/width as well as vertical length. I would like to have jaw... READ MORE

My face is very flat from the side?

I have a very flat face, my cheeks, forehead, etc. From the front it looks kind of normal but from the side its very flat with no volume. What can I... READ MORE

Facial Implants to Restore Lost Volume After Removing Fat Pads?

Nearly 20 years, ago I complained about my puffy cheeks, and my plastic surgeon removed what he said were my fat pads. Now, at age 54, I look hollow... READ MORE

What Are my Options to Replace Volume on my Forehead?

What are my options for replacing volume to the entire forehead area? I'm skin, muscle and bone. I look 10 years older than my actual age. About a... READ MORE

what can I do to give my face more volume and look more feminine? (photo)

My face feels so long and flat, i dont have any volum in it. It dont feel feminine at all. The jawline and chin is to narrow, nose are pretty thick to... READ MORE

Best Filler for Upper Face?

I have a lot of volume in my lower cheeks, but I feel like my upper face is relatively flat. I've hesitated to have filler placed below the eye... READ MORE

Do you know how i can fix the Major asymmetry and make my face symmetric? (photo)

Hello, do you know where my facial asymmetry comes from?one side of my face looks full and the eye looks bigger and if you look to the other side it... READ MORE

Facial expert in metro Atlanta area?

Late 40s looking for a plastic surgeon with expertise in facial procedures (most likely need some facial volume). If you are in the metro Atlanta area... READ MORE

What Are the Causes of Low Midface Asymmetry?

I am 37 y.o woman that have 20 kg weight loss in recent 4 months under observation of my family physician. recently i noticed mild left side lower... READ MORE

Can you add volume to forehead? (Photo)

I have noticed that since I have gotten older my forehead looks hollow and flatter. I believe this is giving me a harder and older appearance. I... READ MORE

Can Asymmetrical Eyes after Zygomatic and Orbital Fracture be treated? (Photo)

Hello, I had significant surgery in 2011 to repair a zygomatic and orbital fracture. It was very successful and my vision is the same as before trauma... READ MORE

How can I Change face shape ? (photos)

I just had eyelid surgery to make my eyes even due to issue I had as a. Hold that needed to be addressed. but I want to no what I can have done that... READ MORE

Facial symmetry. (Photos)

I have a question concerning the symmetry of my facial structure. I don't know weather it's an easy fix with fillers or an actual procedure. My face... READ MORE

What kind of x-ray will show me my facial fat and muscle?

Im trying to figure out whether the bulkiness in my lower face is muscle, skin or fat so that my plastic surgeon will be able to better understand... READ MORE

Extent to which bone cement can be applied to the back of the head. (photos)

You find attached 3 photos edited together and numbered, the first one being the original. The red line at the first (left) photo marks the end of the... READ MORE

Face is ruined due to TMD and bruxism?

My whole face has changed. Eyelids are droopy,face is fatter, smaller chin, volume under eye has shifted to cheeks. My whole life is ruined! I can't... READ MORE

Where on your face can you get an implant? Is it only possible over bone? (photos)

Ive included photos with the circled part i'd really want facial implants, to add volume and make my face more round but im not sure if its possible... READ MORE

How to tighten and add volume to face?

Whats the best fastest more natural procedure to tighten skin face and add volume and minimize pores also if possible with no botox or fillers and... READ MORE

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