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Is It Possible to Repair a Facial Piercing Hole?

I have a hole from a piercing on my upper lip. I hate it and regret it every time I look in a mirror! Can this be repaired? If so, what would it cost... READ MORE

Black Eye and Right Side of Upper Lip is Numb/tingly? (photo)

I fell into a table almost a week ago. My left black eye is gone and my right black eye is healing slowly, but the area around the right side of my... READ MORE

Too Much Space Between Nose and Upper Lip. What Can I Do?

I am 48 years old and am noticing my right eye appears smaller and there is too much space between my upper lip and my nose too short? What can I do... READ MORE

What Surgeries Would You Recommend to Balance out my Nose, Upper Lip, and Chin? (photo)

I underwent a rhinoplasty a year ago to remove a small bump. This made my nose look nicer, however my surgeon also pointed out to me that my nose was... READ MORE

Anything I Can Do for Area Where Upper Lip Meets the Nose?

I really do not know how to describe this without an image but the thing that I dislike about myself is the area called the philtrum (sp?). It's... READ MORE

Maxillofacial Surgery Not Done Properly?

The frenulum tissue above my upper lip was cut during my maxillofacial surgery. It wasn't sewn back properly now my upper lip sags and my nose droops.... READ MORE

New York City Doctor Recommendations to Reduce Space Between Lip and Nose

I Fantasize About Reducing the Space Between my Lip and Nose but Need to Find a NYC Dr. can someone suggested a doctor in Manhattan that does this? READ MORE

Cutting the Depressor Septi Muscle?

Hello, when I smile my nose tip droops a bit. I am not really interested in rhinoplasty, I just want the depressor septi muscle cut. Would this... READ MORE

How is a Flat Paranasal Area and Flat Upper Lip Corrected?

I have a pretty long and flat paranasal area as well as a flat upper lip. What procedures are commonly used to correct this? READ MORE

Can Fullness Be Replaced at the Nasal Base After the Doctor Removed Bone?

I had septo/rhinoplasty 5 years ago.The doctor told me,after surgery,that he had to remove: bone spurs from the base of my nose and remove the... READ MORE

If my insurance covers bell palsy, which procedure do you recommend me to choose?

I had suregy outside the usa doctor cut nerve .i suufer of bell pasy 4 years ago i have my upper left lip down my smile has become ugly .if i make... READ MORE

Any suggestions for droopy, dog-like face? (photos)

My cheeks have no volume except at the bottom of my face. I have a longer than average philtrum, and no upper lip to speak of. This feature is my... READ MORE

Mucosal Coronally Positioned Flap for Upper Lip Hypermobility?

Apparently, this procedure is relatively new. What type of specialist is more suited to this procedure -- peridontist? Plastic surgeon? Thanks! READ MORE

What Happens with Extra Flesh After a Midface Reduction?

I wish to have 1.5-2 cm removed from my maxilla/mid face, in order for my face to become more proportionate. I have normal tooth show. What happens to... READ MORE

Upper Lip Damage After Buccal Fat Removal

I recently (two weeks ago) had buccal fat removal, and a small amount of lipo around my chin area. One side of my mouth had a larger incision, and... READ MORE

My Lips Go Higher Exposing The Gums, Why Is This?

Hi,up to the age of 34 my top lip sat perfectly on the top of my upper teeth when I smiled, not exposing the gums. After 34 ( I am currently 36) the... READ MORE

What Do I Need to Do in Order to Change the Look of my Smile, Lips, Teeth & Eyes? (photo)

I dont know what to do in order to fix my droopy left eye where my eyebrow is much lower than my right eyebrow. my smile also seems crooked the top... READ MORE

Philtrum/Upper lip surgery to make lip smaller/less projected?

My philtrum and upper lip is almost at the same projection as my nasal tip, I will be getting rhinoplasty to correct my current nose which currently... READ MORE

Will Philtrum Reshaping and Rhinoplasty and Lower Eyelid Surgery Change My Facial Structure?

I think that my philtrum is abit too wide giving me more of a depressed sort of look. Also, i do not like the shape of the tip of my nose. It's a bit... READ MORE

How long does it take until the fat graft in the lips re absorb?

I had a very major 4 hour facial surgery 2.5 weeks ago, where part of the surgery involved transferring some of my fat from the inner thighs to the... READ MORE

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