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What Type of Surgery Do I Need to Get on my Eyes?

This is how my eyes look. They are very different from each other. i like how my left eye looks but my right eye looks dead. it is because of the lid.... READ MORE

Best Procedures for Crooked Nose and Double Lid?

My left eye has a double lid, however the my right eye does not and looks very different almost like a "lazy eye" even though it is extra... READ MORE

What Can I Do About a Large Hard Bump(lump) on my Eyelid?

I had a bad cut on the eye some 20 years ago(had stitches),there is now a hard lump on the eyelid about the size of a marble.At first the lump was... READ MORE

Ptosis Repair, Need Opinions?

Hi everyone, I need some advice, I experienced enlargement of my left upper eyelid. Its my 8th week now from my last ptosis correction. I am worried... READ MORE

Procedure to Lower the Upper Eyelids?

Big space in upper eyelid... too big for a male. Maybe it is good for women but not for me. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I want to ask your opinion... READ MORE

Can the bone above the upper eyelid be shaved/ reduced? (photos)

I know that many people opt for brow bone reductions mostly in the forehead region. I was wondering whether the lower bone that sits just above the... READ MORE

Will I Be Able to Close my Eye After Skin Graft Transplanted on Eyelid Shrinked?

I had operation to transplant skin graft on my upper eyelid, but this graft shrinked so it tightened the eyelid up and the eye not close completely. READ MORE

I'm very critical of myself. I'm considering plastic surgery to improve my facial features. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm wondering what three surgeries would improve my face in your opinion. In my opinion my nose is too big, my upper eyelids hang too low, and I have... READ MORE

What's the best way to improve my appaerance? And what would be the price? (photos)

I'm 22 and i had always struggle because of my appearance. I had in my mind for many years the idea of getting a Upper lid Blepharoplasty; there is... READ MORE

Could not removing the extra skin after brow bone reduction surgery correct my upper eyelid hollowness? (Photos)

Hello doctors.. so i have 2 problems make me uncomfortable with my look: 1- prominent eyebrow bone. 2- upper eyelid hollowness like the pic. would it... READ MORE

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