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How to Fix One Eye That's Bigger Than the Other?

First off, there are two imperfections on my face that irritate me. First are my eyes; second is my nose. I know for sure that I'm going to get a... READ MORE

Why is the right side of my face chubbier/bigger than the left side of my face? Can I fix this without surgery? (Photo)

This problem on my face causes me to have a smaller eye than the other and when i smile only 1 dimple appears on the left side . Its weird . Can i fix... READ MORE

How to Improve Uneven Face?

Hi Doctor/s. As you can see in the photo my right eyebrow and eyelid droop. It really bugs me! Any advice as to what can be done? Thanks! READ MORE

My nose is crooked. My lips are uneven. My jaw clicks on my right side. What is Wrong with my Face? (photo)

I would really like to know whats wrong with my face. To start, my nose is crooked. My lips are uneven. My jaw clicks on my right side if I open it... READ MORE

How to Fix Uneven Eyebrows

I started to notice that I had uneven eyebrows a few years. The right brow is higher and more arched than the left. The left is straighter. The... READ MORE

Eyes Are Uneven (Vertical Dystopia) - Can This Be Corrected?

And I've done alot of research and it seems like I have a very mild case of vertical dystopia, where one eye is lined up with the other........ READ MORE

Uneven Eyes/slightly Crooked Nose is There Any Thing That Can Be Done to Correct It? (photo)

Hi im a 20 year old male I have uneven eyes ive always had a slightly crooked nose since birth but my eyes over the last 3 to 4 years have become... READ MORE

What Are My Options For Forehead Reshaping?

I want to know what if anything can be done about the appearance of my forehead/brow region? I heard of a reverse forehead lift but I do not think... READ MORE

Can plastic surgery make me attractive? (Photo)

Ima be plain & honest. I have an ugly face. i have a huge humped crooked nose, droopy eyes, really bad dark circles & my mouth (lips) are crooked. i... READ MORE

How Can I Correct This Naseolabial Fold Problem on One Side of my Face?

2 months ago I had 4 qaud eye lift, brow lift, full facelift and lipo of the neck. I had some nasolabial folds before surgery, and the doctor assured... READ MORE

What Type of Surgery Do I Need to Get on my Eyes?

This is how my eyes look. They are very different from each other. i like how my left eye looks but my right eye looks dead. it is because of the lid.... READ MORE

Eyes Are Uneven After Getting Hit

Why are my eyes uneven?? Not aligned perfectly. So, i got into a fight a couple weeks ago. She hit me really hard in the face, and eye, but i thought... READ MORE

Correcting Asymmetry After Multiple Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures?

I had plastic surgery 5 months ago. I had chin augmentation, Rhinoplasty, and Liposuction on the face. After the surgery I look very uneven, which is... READ MORE

Is There Any Non-invasive Way to Selectively Take out Fat?

I feel that my right side of the face is fuller from fat than the left side lending an uneven appearance. Is there any way to take out fat without... READ MORE

My right eyebrow is lower than my left eyebrow & it has more eyelid skin. What can be done to fix it? What causes it? (photo)

It looks like I'm raising one eyebrow, but I'm not. I’m extremely self-conscious about the way I look. I can’t afford to get anything done, hoping one... READ MORE

Can head shape be altered/changed?

I had noticed my face was unsymmetrical a while ago but always thought it was in my head. However, I recently found out that I had a very misshapened... READ MORE

Everything On the Right Side of My Face Hangs Lower Than My Left From Trauma Long Ago?

So when i was 4-5 yrs old, i had a facial trauma to the right side of my face when playing with my cousins, in which i fell right side face first onto... READ MORE

My face is asymmetrical. My nose slants to the left, and my bone structure is uneven. How can I fix this? (Photo)

I'm 18.and I feel like my face is very uneven, though I can't quite pinpoint exactly why. My smile and cheek bones are uneven, and so is my nose. I... READ MORE

Do I Need Surgery to Correct my Uneven Jawline (photo)?

My jawline is very uneven. the bones arent right and my left face is longer and narrower than the right side. i took X-rays and the doctor said i... READ MORE

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