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Best Malar Bags Treatment?

I had a lower Blepharoplasty about 15 months ago. It removed the under eye bags but did nothing for the mild malar bags and also left me with some... READ MORE

Deep Hollows Under Eyes and Large Malar Fat Pads - Advice?

I am having a very difficult time determining what I need done. I have deep hollows under my eyes, and I also have huge malar fat pads that stick out... READ MORE

Options for Muscle Loss Under Eyes?

Hello, i am 24 i feel like i have muscle loss under the eyes..it's very hollow looking. no one in my family has this problem.my skin on face is... READ MORE

Protruding Blue Vein Under Eye Due to Broken Eye Socket and Cheekbone

Many years ago was in a car accident broke the eye socket and cheekbone due to other serious injuries (broke neck) no 1 worried abt my eye etc i now... READ MORE

How Can I Treat the Dark Discolouration Under my Eyes?

I'm 21 but have suffered from visible dark skin under my eyes for a while. I don't really have dark circles as such because the skin... READ MORE

What is the Best Way, Including Surgeries, to Get Rid of the Appearance of Hollow Eyes?

I've tried juvederm injections but they only lasted 3 months. At $600 a vial it is too expensive to continuously have done. Would a facelift... READ MORE

How Do I Treat the Ridge Under my Eye?

I'm a 22 year old male, but I look older and I think it's because I have these ridges under my eyes. I've seen different professionals and... READ MORE

I Want A More Feminine Look. What Do You Recommend?

I think my jaw & overall face shape look very masculine and am considering cosmetic procedures. I also have very noticeable indentations under my... READ MORE

All Around Facial Fat Reduction

Sometimes my face swells in the morning, creating bagginess under the eyes, excessively deep cheek folds, and saggy chin. At night I'm normal. I... READ MORE

What is the Best & Least Invasive Procedure for Under-eye Puffiness? My puffiness is not severe, but bothersome.

I am a woman in my early thirties, & I have experienced puffiness under my eyes since I was a little girl. My puffiness is not severe, but bothersome.... READ MORE

37 with Flat Cyst Under Eye About Size of Pencil Eraser: Best Option for Removal?

At one point was more of a papule like pimple but drained and left with deflated appearing cyst. Grew larger after pregnancy. Dermatologist saw and... READ MORE

I'd like to see a professionals opinion on how to improve my midface. What would be the most suitable procedures? (Photo)

All my life in my opinion I've always had a very deficient midface. My cheeks nose and under eyes are my biggest insecurity. And make my face look in... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Undereye Discoloration?

The bluish-reddish discoloration under my eyes is really bothering me. It is really noticeable. Wrinkles are not a problem since I am young. I was... READ MORE

What do I need done to my face to look more attractive? (Photo)

I feel over the years something has gone wrong ! I don't know if it's my sunken eyes or the tip of my nose seams larger and the bottom half of my... READ MORE

How can I reinvent my face to look not just younger but striking, different more beautiful? (photos)

I am ready for a change.I had a rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago as a start. My goal to modify my face in a way that is more feminine interesting, striking,... READ MORE

Should I Wait or Get a Revision Now?

I had a surgery of forehead, nose, cheeks and chin augmentation, fold making of lower eyelids, nose reshaping, jawline correction and buccal fat... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for chin implant with jaw liposuction and fat transfer to mid face and under eyes? (photo)

Just want to get some advice on possible treatment options, I've noticed that I've lost a lot of fat from my face over the years and now always look... READ MORE

I have very prominent bones on my nose & under my eyes, ​can this be treated through Facial Plastic Surgery? (photo)

I have very prominent bones (Cartilage?) on either side my nose, under my eyes. It makes me look like I've never slept a day in my life and I've never... READ MORE

How to Treat Sunken Eyes Due to Wearing Glasses?

My eyes are sunken due to use of spects. How can I treat them? READ MORE

Should I Get Zygoma Arch Reduction and Mandibular Angle Surgery?

My cheekbones look very prominent from a 45 degree angle, making my face look too angular, and my face looks too wide from a frontal view. should I... READ MORE

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