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What Treatments Are Available for my Facial Asymmetry?

My lips, nose, eyes, ears and facial bones are asymmetrical. I inherited it from my mother and I'm really sick of it. Now that she's going... READ MORE

I have a lean body but my face is heavy, round & my neck is fat. Is there any treatment that could make my face slim? (photo)

Please suggest me if there are any non surgical ways to slim down my face or is surgery a must to reduce it? READ MORE

How to treat bad nasolabial folds on someone young? (photos)

I'm only 20 but I've got nasolabial folds bad. I have had anxiety issues all my life which caused me to tense my face. I also blame going outdoors... READ MORE

Does Anything Work Well for Marionette Lines?

I have terrible marionette lines and was told by a plastic surgeon that marionette lines are "tough". But he had no recommendations. Any... READ MORE

What Are the Most Recommended Procedures for Achieving a More Triangular/fuller/rounder Face Shape? (photo)

In patients with a biological age of only 31 yo? I used to have a beautiful face shape when I was a little girl, but I grew into a longer and skinnier... READ MORE

Orbital Eye Fracture Lower Lid Adhesion. How can I treat this? (Photo)

I had a blowout fracture of my left orbit repaired in February 2013 . The repair was performed via transconjunctival incision. My lower lid developed... READ MORE

Hello, I was wondering what treatment you would recommend to add the impression of symmetry to my face? (photo)

The lower eye lid on my right eye droops a lot more than the left, I often squint a lot with that eye to balance it out, which will only make it worse... READ MORE

What types of treatments would help facial asymmetry due to TMJ disorder? (photos)

I have TMJ disorder which is being treated successfully with an anterior placement splint. Over the last five years I have noticed a lot of asymmetry... READ MORE

Can you make me pretty? (Photos)

My face bothers me. I think my nose is one of the problems and I think my face is generally asymmetric. I'm not quite sure what else. I would like for... READ MORE

How do I fix a wonky neck and asymmetrical face?

I've had a wonky neck since I was very young caused by the bone in the left of my neck growing but my right side refusing to do so. Since it started... READ MORE

What can fix a long face? (Photos)

I've been unhappy with the shape of my face for some time now, but never really looked into treatment. I think my face is a little long and I wanted... READ MORE

What is making my face uneven? And how should I go about treating this? (photos)

For as long as I can remember I have always had an uneven face. When I was a child I believe I was bit by a bug(mosquito, spider) near my left eye... READ MORE

How can I correct asymmetry in my face? (photos)

My face has some visible asymmetry that I would like to correct. What sort of treatment can I undergo for correction? READ MORE

What are the treatments or procedures available for facial muscle contracture/hypertonia? (Photos)

Hello, everyone I had an episode of traumatic facial palsy about a year ago and have been left with asymmetry. On the affected side, the eye is... READ MORE

What are my treatment options? (Photo)

By applying Dr. Phillip Youngs theory on facial beauty I have mapped out my face. My left side seems to be following the theory. But it is as though... READ MORE

What's happened to the area below my mouth? (Photos)

I've always been really self conscious of my mouth. I've recently had orthodontic treatment to correct a cross bite, over bite and crowding. I've been... READ MORE

Is Maxillofacial surgery possible after treatment of lymphoma (lymph node cancer) to the neck? (Photo)

Specifically lymph node cancer in the upper cervical lymph nodes (picture attached, number 4) I imagine surgery is possible after chemotherapy has... READ MORE

What is the best treatment to make my face look younger? (Photo)

I am 29 years old and look very old for my age? What could I do to make my face look younger. I already have Botox on forehead and for crows feet... READ MORE

I am unhappy with my uneven face. Any treatment suggestions? (Photos)

I dislike my nose very much but fortunately I have had a consult with a dr and I'm just saving money to have my nose fixed. So some of my other... READ MORE

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