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Is There Any Way to Lessen the Size of my Big Mouth?

I hate it when i smile with my mouth closed. and when i laugh coz it shows all of my teeth. is there a solution to my problem? READ MORE

My Face is Masculine and Ugly. Any Suggestions for Improvement?

My nose is too big and wide. I think open AND closed rhino will suit me. My philtrum is too visible. The nasolabial folds around my mouth are deep and... READ MORE

Best options to fix lower half of face? Nasolabial folds, wide alar base, large chin. 25 year old female (Photo)

Hi there, I have always hated the lower half of my face. The main problems I see are the pig-like appearance of my nose and the deep creases on my... READ MORE

I Have Big Lips, Nose, a Sloping Forehead, Do You Think This is Why I Look Mean? (photo)

Hello, I have big lips, nose, and a sloping forhead. I also have high wide cheeks, what part of the face do you think I should fix in order to get rid... READ MORE

Hanging Lips, Weak Chin, What Do You Recommend? (photo)

Hello, i dont like the area between nose and lips,also I don't like the way my mouth looks from the front or the side i think it looks to big could... READ MORE

I hate everything about my face. What can be done?

I hate everything. I think my nose is too big, my lips are too small, my eyes are too droopy and dull without any brightness, and my jawline is way... READ MORE

what surgery would you recommend? (photo)

I know my face is ugly , but what could be done to make me more attractive or masculine . Is my nose too big or are my eyes too close ? And yeah flat... READ MORE

What specific surgery do I need to fix my mouth? My teeth are too big/too much on show. (Photo)

What is the type of surgery I need to fix my mouth area? My teeth are too much on show and i have deep lines from my nose to corner of my mouth. I've... READ MORE

Which procedures would help me to look attractive? (Photo)

Everyone knows a pretty face when they see one. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with one, and it crushes my self esteem. My main issues are that my... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, mini facelift or both/More? (photo)

Help Please. My Chin is WAY Too Enormous for my face. My eyes are Beady. It really seems that as I age, these things become Worse. My Nose is too long... READ MORE

My face is too wide and big. Please suggest what I can do.

My face appear wide,which mar my look .can u recommend way to correct it. READ MORE

My face has an extremely bad symmetry (Photos)

So I decided to draw or outline my face today and look what I saw My face has a really bad position My left eye is higher than my right eye... READ MORE

I was wondering how do I go about undergoing surgery to change the shape of my face. Can I go through my own local doctor?

I have always disliked my face shape. I dont ever feel confident wearing my hair in anyway without them being noticed. My cheek bones are far too big,... READ MORE

Confused what type of surgeries to have in my face? Facelift, nose job, cheeks implants, chin implant, jaw implant? (Photos)

I have very saggy skin around the jaw line neck and cheeksbone , in addition i have acne scars, my nose too big and not pointy, my chin too short. I... READ MORE

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