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18 Days Post Forehead Flap Surgery?

Im 18 days post forehead flap surgery to fix a nose defect.ive got hair on my nose which I was told is common unfortunately.i also realize the grafted... READ MORE

How Long Until I Will See The Final Results After Mandibular Implants?

I had mandibular implants pre-jowl implants put in around 10 days ago , how long must I wait to see the final results because at the moment I am very... READ MORE

Which Procedure First? Mini Facelift or Cheek Implant Surgery?

Hello doctors, I have a puzzling question for you guys today. I have a surgeon in mind to do my mini facelift but I also want cheek implants done by a... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty or Chin Augmentation First?

Hi. I am planning to have rhinoplasty and chin augmentation (sliding genioplasty) next year. I can't have both procedures together due to finances and... READ MORE

How Soon After a 30 Min Pelvic Procedure (Stress Incontinence) Could I Have Facial Plastic Surgery?

I will be scheduling an elective procedure that I'm told is 30 mins long for stress incontinence. I'm also told to plan to be home for two weeks... READ MORE

Facial asymetry correction + jaw/bite correction + rhino/septoplasty (Photo)

Eye doctors tell me my eyes are off balance. And in every picture I see of myself I see a lot of noticable assymetry. So I beleive I need jaw... READ MORE

Get Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation, Before Lingual Braces, Even Though I Have an over Bite? (photo)

- I want to have lingual braces put on my teeth because I have an overbite, a gap in my front teeth and a few over lapping teeth. - My nose and chin... READ MORE

Safe to Have Facial Surgery Two Weeks After Liposculpture?

Is there a problem if i have a surgery (liposculpture) in a week and facial surgery after 2 weeks ? I think it's possible to have them in same day... READ MORE

When Can I Expect to See Results After Alloderm Implanted in Temples?

I had Alloderm implanted into my temples. What period of time after the surgery will changes in my appearance occur, and what changes will occur... READ MORE

How soon after Facial Surgery can I start Using the Full Obagi line?

How soon after? Or if I start using Obagi 2 months before getting face surgery how soon before should I stop before surgery?? READ MORE

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