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I Really Need to Do Something with my Thin Face but Don't Really Know my Options.

I have a very thin face and I'm tired of people telling me I'd be pretty if I had a fat face. I don't know why it's like that, my face... READ MORE

Can Jaw Implants Widen My Narrow Face?

I am a female with a very narrow jawline. can jaw implants give a natural fullness to my lower jaw? do all surgeons perform this operation? READ MORE

Procedure to Widen my Thin Face

Hi i am 20 , my face is very thin , it seem that I have this problem because of my bad teeth and small jaw ? is there any way to widen jaw and checks... READ MORE

What Would Bring a More Balanced Look to my Face? (photo)

I have always hated my face and with time ( I am 32), it is just getting worse. I cannot decide what makes it so bad - 1) my big droopy eyes, 2) my... READ MORE

What can I do to make my thin face look fuller? (Photo)

I have a really skinny face and I have deep lines starting from my nose down and around my mouth. I really hate it and I would like to know what I can... READ MORE

What Surgeries I Should To Make My Face Nice? (photo)

I hate almost everything in my face. Its long and thin but i have double chin. I also have deep bite. My mouth and my eyes look sad. My nose stands... READ MORE

How to achieve a more thin, defined face?

Hi! I have a short but wide face and I'd like to achieve a more oval shaped face. I'm very thin and when I lose weight my bone structure stays round.... READ MORE

I'm 49 yrs old and am seeing signs of jowls. I also want a higher cheeks bones and a thinner face. What options do I have?

How should i go about finding a good local surgean around my area. price would be a consideration. does higher price align with only tbe good doctors?... READ MORE

Chubby Cheeks, Chubby Mid Face - Options?

Chubby Cheeks. I have had Buccal fat pad removed and Vaser hi-def on my face but I would like my face thinner, how do I go about this? When I smile my... READ MORE

How to get a handsome face? (Photo)

I'm trying to find out what procedures will help make me look handsome but at the same time look natural. For as long as I could remember I have been... READ MORE

I have a very thin face and no jaw definition making me look older How can I change my face to have more definition? (photos)

I have a very thin face and almost none jaw definition. I think that I look older than I'm because my face doesn't have a good definition. What can I... READ MORE

How can I get a thinner face (the results I want)? (Photo)

Hello doctors! I am a 19-year-old girl with a wide, chubby face. By looking at the first photograph, what surgeries would you suggest I look into to... READ MORE

Am I a Candidiate For Jaw Augmentation?

Can I get my jaws done? I feel that my lower part of my face is so thin and i want to make my face look wider or more ( masculine ) or fuller, if so... READ MORE

Is Cranial Augmentation Possible?

My head top bones are very thin and smaller than my lower face which make my face looks very thin and tall, my question is if there is any comestic... READ MORE

I have a very thin and small face. I need to increase the size of my face on all the sides (Photo)

My face is small and thin compared to body and my friends says i look like alien please provide me useful solution for this problem READ MORE

What procedures would I need to achieve a thinner face? (Photo)

I've always felt that my face was somewhat chubby. I'm only 17 years old and hope to get the surgeries in a couple of years. I know I need a... READ MORE

Suggested treatments for thin face, 19 year old male

Hello sir my name is aman and i am 19 year old my face is thin plz suggest of this treatment READ MORE

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