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Is There a Procedure to Slim Down Asian Face?

I'm an Asian female with a relatively round face frame compared to a lot of Americans who have pointier, slimmer face shapes even though they are a... READ MORE

Options for a Thinner-Looking, More Defined Face

I'm 22 and I hate my face. It looks much too big for my eyes, nose and mouth and it is very round with chubby cheeks. Both my father and his mom... READ MORE

I am thin but have big cheeks that make me look overweight. Can surgery change my face shape?

I hate my face shape because of my big fat cheeks. I don't even like to smile in pictures because my fat cheeks make my eyes loom small. I feel like... READ MORE

Non surgical ways to modify face shape? My face is huge and I want to thin it out. (photos)

I'm a guy in my early twenties. Currently looking for some non surgical options to thin out my face. I have some Native American in me and I think... READ MORE

What's wrong with my face? (photos)

Okay so recently since I got a camera I noticed that my right side of my face is really different from my left. The right side of my face is thiner... READ MORE

How would a person get rid of a "toe head" appearance? (photos)

How to obtain a thin neck and defined 90 degree angle jaw that are in perfect harmony? And a face that is perfectly balanced and fits the dimensions... READ MORE

How can I make my long and thin face shorter and fuller? (photos)

I have a really long face and I cannot stand it. it really ruins my confidence and I would prefer if I had a more fuller/fatter face and a small/... READ MORE

My face is too thin and withdrawn. What procedures would I need to improve my bone structure and facial balance? (Photo)

My face is very thin and with drawn my cheeks are also sunk in it looks ugly, want a good bone structure so it looks prominant what procedure would... READ MORE

What type of surgery should I do to have a more harmonic face? (photos)

I think my face is too small and thin. My chin has almost no definition and I think my nose is too wide and long for my face. READ MORE

My left side of my face seems much thinner and less defined than the right. Does anyone have an idea why this is? (photo)

My left cheek seems more sunken in and the bones on my left side look left jaw is also not as pronounced than the right...looks weaker.... READ MORE

Sugestion about zymomatic arch, and zygoma comparing to the rest of my face... (photo)

What suggestion would you give about my bone strocutre, I feel that my zygomatic arch is to wide, and makes my head look very thin on the lower part,... READ MORE

I have facial asymmetry after surgery maxilofacia. Can this be fix with plastic surgery? (photos)

Hi, 3 months ago I did a double maxillofacial surgery. After surgery, the face I stay much thinner and the right side is wider than the other... READ MORE

What plastic surgery would you recommend for my thin face? (photos)

Hi, I'm are 2 pics of me,the brighter one is 4 years ago and the other one is how i look now.i feel my face is getting thinner.I always... READ MORE

What facial exercises or creams can I use to fix my asymmetrical face? (photos)

Hello! As you can see from my photo, my nose curves more on the right side, and my lips are thinner and less prodominent on the left. In videos, I can... READ MORE

My face has gotten so thin and ugly after cancer. What can I do to appear normal? (Photo)

I used to be a good looking guy but over the years of pleural cancer ( pleural effusion), situation is converse. I've got asymmetric oblong face with... READ MORE

How can I make my head appear larger, and how can I make my face appear more even? (photos)

I have a smaller sized head about 21.5" in circumference. I'm 5'7 with a thin upper body, and muscular lower body. I'm really insecure about how small... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my thin face?

My face is very thin from the time i know myself. im now 34. i need a little fat on my face. please help. everybody commented on me that i look like... READ MORE

How can I make my face slimmer/thinner and more v-like shaped? (photos)

Hi my face is way too round and it doesn't help that I have chubby cheeks. I want a small and thin v-liked shaped face how or what do I need to do to... READ MORE

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