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Temporal Wasting, What Are My Options?

Hi. I suffer from temporal wasting, my head indents inward giving it a bubble like appearance lol.... I'm really self conscience about it.... I'm... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Widen the Top of my Head?

Can anthing be done to widen the top of my head so it's wider along the sides of my head and temple area?Because from the very top of my cheek... READ MORE

Temple Implant or Fat Grafting For Concave Temples?

Hello I was wondering about temple implant/fat grifting/fillers in my concave temples. 1. What method excludes scars ? 2. Can you doctor estimate and... READ MORE

Would I benefit from temporal implants? (photo)

I Wonder if I would gainfrom temporal implant or anything similar? Also, how can the incision be made? Since I'm starting to be bald, I would need it... READ MORE

Kryptonite Bone Cement for Temple Area? Can It Be Used for Jaw/zygoma?

I have a facial contour defect due to a childhood fall, involving my right jaw, zygoma & forehead (mostly temple).The brow and eye seem depressed... READ MORE

Are there Any Options for Lifting Temples and Hairline? (photo)

Hi i've attached two photos of my upper face, the second one is how i look when i pull back my hair backwords and upwards, it gives my upper face,... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take a Temporal Fascial Graft to Fully Settle?

Hello, Eleven months ago I had an osteoma removed from my forehead, a couple inches above my left brow. To recontour that area, my plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Opinions On Flap Rotation To Elevate Hairline, and Horizontal Skin Pleats from Temple into Eye Area?

Had bad FL 1 yr ago.I have no sideburns,elevated hairline+ horizontal pleats on temples from hairline into eyes.After much research,I propose to... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for my sunken temple area? (Photo)

Hi I started having sunken temples a few years ago Im dealing with lyme disease and other conditions any other condition i should be looking into that... READ MORE

Options for Corner of Eye/Temple Surgery

Hi, I want to look pretty , there is any surgery around the courner of the eye, temple area like a lifting effect that will make me look better. Thank... READ MORE

Temple lift to pull eyes/eyebrows outward and up. Not full blown eyelid surgery. Please help with options. (Photo)

I posted a question about this the other day but most of the responses were referring to eyelid surgery. I am not looking for traditional eyelid... READ MORE

Will Constant and Very Heavy Pressure Reshape the Bone Below the Temple (Next to the Ear)?

I never liked the shape of the right side of my face because I've always felt that the bone below the temple (next to the ear and beneath my... READ MORE

Asymmetrical forehead, is there surgery available to correct this? (photos)

I was born with a weird shaped head and forehead and it's affecting my life, the left side of my head sticks out at the temple making my forehead... READ MORE

Is there a surgery for my skull deformation?

I am an adult with trigonocephaly. I have the prominent suture along the middle of my skull, closer than normal eyes, and indented temples. I want to... READ MORE

Can Temple Implants Cause Pain to the Muscles in the Head and Neck?

I had temple implants put in about a year and a half ago. I have also been getting dull head pain in the top right of the head that sometimes creeps... READ MORE

I have a narrow forehead between temples and a brow bone that I don't like, can these be fixed? (photos)

My brow bone is dominate and looks like a mild caveman look, I have always hated it, plus my forehead above my eyes are too narrow against my full... READ MORE

Any suggestions for temporal augmentation? (photos)

I have a very marked temporal hollowness, which I have overtime, tried to correct with various injectables including fat, Radiesse, Juvederm,... READ MORE

Following surgery I started to notice a slight indentation of my right temple. Could the weight loss be a cause?

This past summer I recently underwent Craniofacial surgery which involved the moving of my lower jaw forward, and and the upper portion of my jaw... READ MORE

i'm a 21 years old male African and i have suffered for a long time of a head shape deformity can skull reshaping help.

Temporal hollowness/extremely small head/facial trait all too close/ skull proportion smaller than any body i ve ever met till now.my little nephew of... READ MORE

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