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Permanent Solutions for Low Cheek Bones, Tear Troughs and Facial Hollowness?

I'm barely 20 years old and all my life I've had shadowing under the eyes and a gaunt face. What especially bothers me is the inner-upper... READ MORE

What is the Average Cost Range for Tear Trough Implants?

Just wanted to know the minimum and maximum price for this surgical procedure please. READ MORE

Will Tear Trough Implants Make my Eyes Look Smaller?

I have eye hollows that are getting more prominent. I have not reacted well with restylane in my lips so am looking at alternatives to improving my... READ MORE

What procedures would you recommend to correct the eyes, brows, & angry look? (photo)

I am 47 and unhappy about my eyes... I am looking for corrections on my upper eyelid, brows and lines on the forehead. My major concern are my... READ MORE

Cheek Swelling 6 Months After Silicone Tear Troughs and Terino Malar Shells?

I had size L and XL silicone tear troughs and terino malar shells and one of my sides still looks more swollen than the other. I feel like they still... READ MORE

I look like Homer Simpson due to my tear troughs and face shape. How do I fix this? (Photo)

Hi, I feel like I have a really bad face shape. I am 20 and have manly cheeks and a weird indent on the skin next to my philtrum. I also think my nose... READ MORE

What procedure do I need to look normal again? (Photo)

Please, I need help . Eyelid, Masseter bigger, tear trough, ptosis. READ MORE

Best ways to augment tear trough and brow around eyes? (photo)

As you can see from the photo i have a noticeable teartrough deformity that extends out to my cheeks, but also a weak brow on the edges, leaving my... READ MORE

Tear trough implants in the UK?

Hi, after doing lots of research I would like to have tear trough implants! I can't find anyone in the U.K. Who does this though? Can you advise??? Xxx READ MORE

Where Exactly Are Tear Trough Implants Placed?

I have heard that tear trough implants cannot placed under the eye any higher (or at least not much higher) than the level of the orbital bone. Is... READ MORE

Do I have malar deficiency or tear troughs deformity and what are the options for treatment? (Photo)

I'm 22 it's genetic, it's visible even in my baby photos. I tried HA(don't remember what type and it made no difference, it only created bumps) and... READ MORE

I am curious as to what options I have to correct my bulging eyes and deep lines around my cheeks (tear troughs)? (Photo)

I have always been bothered by these deep lines around my cheek bones, but Ive noticed that my eyes protrude out from the side(s) slightly and was... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Brow Bone Implants? (photos)

I have proptosis. It's a trait within my family and I was born looking like this. I'm already getting tear trough and cheek implants. I don't need... READ MORE

Thinning on one side of the face.

Over the past two years, one side of my face has lost more fat than the other. It is most noticeable in the flattening of my front cheek projection, a... READ MORE

Bite collapse - face has gotten shorter?

I grind my teeth,espically the back a result my face has gotten shorter, chin is much smaller.I suffer from tmd and have a deviated jaw. My... READ MORE

Curious about rhinoplasty, chin/face lift, lip augmentation, and tear trough plumping. (photos)

How far deep can you erode the nasal bone? Do you think it's possible to shape my nose as desired (see photo)? My smile forms a crease between my nose... READ MORE

Which facial procedure would be right for a square and chubby face? (Photos)

I have a very round cheeks, and carry a lot of fat in the lower half of my face. I also have a very square/bulky jaw and chin with excessive fat build... READ MORE

How can I be more physically/facially beautiful again? I'm feeling old and tired and undateable. (Photos)

Just had 3cc Voluma to cheeks, 1cc ultra to lips and Cupid's bow and mouth corners. I also had tear troughs injected and nose but am not happy w... READ MORE

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