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Possible to Fix Eye Position on Head?

I have very bad eyes. when I look at my image, I can find out that my eyes are not at correct horizontal position. it seem that my nose and eyes and... READ MORE

How can I define my zygomatic and make facial geometry more appealing? (photos)

I wish that my face gets more symmetry and better geometry.....i feel that my ill defined cheek bones and facial fat are culprit.........pleas provide... READ MORE

What surgical procedures do I need for my face to be more symmetrical? (photo)

I would ultimately like a more defined face, I've always felt as if my nose is bulbous, my chin is too small and my jaw would look best a bit more... READ MORE

What Are The Best Surgical Options for A Slimmer, More Symmetrical Face?

I have an athletic build, but my face doesn't match. I'd like a little more symmetry, slimmer cheeks, and an overall slimmer face (with a more... READ MORE

Is it possible to make my jaw more symmetrical?

I have minor jaw asymmetry. The left side is more defined and longer while the right side is shorter and weaker.The right side of my jaw also slants... READ MORE

What type of surgery (if any) can shorten my long face and make it look less "harsh?" (Photo)

My face is long, and I feel as though there isn't great symmetry. Is there a way to surgically correct this without changing my appearance... READ MORE

Is facial symmetry a prerequisite for an attractive face?

I have an asymmetrical face: one of my sides is smaller (has less fat and tissue) than the other side, and the jaws are asymmetrical as well (one is... READ MORE

Facial surgery for corrections and symmetry? (Photo)

I hate how my side profile looks like, it stresses me out and would like to take pictures this way but not happening any time soon. So the lower part... READ MORE

Treatments to improve facial aesthetics. What can I do to improve facial harmony and symmetry? (Photo)

Looking to improve facial harmony, symmetry and general aesthetics Thank you for the suggestions READ MORE

Improve overall symmetry of face? (Photo)

I am looking into what options and procedures there are to improve the overall appearance of my face. My biggest concerns personally are my nose (... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to improve facial symmetry? (photos)

As you can see, the right side of my face appears more elevated and full and the left side much more droopy. My smile appears crooked. Is there... READ MORE

Is it possible to gain symmetry between the 2 sides of my mouth? (photos)

Following a minor trauma, I consulted a Surgeon who said that there has been a separation of the muscle in the nasolabial area on my right side (left... READ MORE

Jawline Asymmetry Getting Worse

How would I go about fixing the asymmetry present in my jaw line and chin? Is it TMJ?  I am now 21 and over the past 2 to 3 years I have noticed... READ MORE

My face is losing its symmetry. how can I get my face back? (photos)

I understand puberty can be ugly but my whole symmetry is horrible now, just two years ago I was beautiful and now my smile, my nose, my chin is out... READ MORE

Is it possible to make a round/square face longer/ more oval shaped? (photo)

I hate my face a lot. I can pick out a load of imperfections that I'm really not happy with and I'd really like to get rid of them. I like the top... READ MORE

How do improve my facial symmetry with non surgical procedures? (Photo)

I have a round face with a v shaped jaw line but what my face appear disproportionate is my cheeks. My cheeks are large when I smile which makes me... READ MORE

What should I have done to make my face more symmetrical? (photos)

Just wondering in your opinion what I should have done? Symmetry is important to me. READ MORE

I'd like to know what I can improve on to make my face more photogenic in pictures. I'd like a sharp jawline. (Photo)

I would really like to see a Sharp Jawline m, I've already booked a date for rhinoplasty but apart from that I can't see much that I can improve on,... READ MORE

Hello, I was wondering what treatment you would recommend to add the impression of symmetry to my face? (photo)

The lower eye lid on my right eye droops a lot more than the left, I often squint a lot with that eye to balance it out, which will only make it worse... READ MORE

I recently had a rhinoplasty and was looking at more options to give my face more symmetry. Any suggestions? (photos)

I know that I am not happy with my appearance and was wondering if anyone had any advice as far as other procedures to improve my appearance. I am... READ MORE

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