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Swelling After Blepharoplasty, Cheek Implants, and Facelift

On March 3, 2009 I had blepharoplasty done with CO2 laser under the eyes, cheek implants, and face lift done. It's all healing well except for the... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take Swelling to Go Completely After Jaw Implants

Hi, I wanted my jaw line slightly more square and defined so I decided to get some jaw implants. I also got my nose done, but you can't even tell,... READ MORE

How to Reduce Granular Tissue and Swelling After a Jaw Implant Surgery

I received a jaw implant surgery 2 months ago to address asymmetry. After 2 weeks, I noticed a fluid in my mouth that tasted foul & went back to... READ MORE

Post Paranasal Implants with Rib Cartilage: Will my Smile Return to Normal?

Several weeks ago, I had rib cartilage paranasal implants to balance out midface depression and protruding lips. My smile is now very different. Is... READ MORE

I Was Attacked 2 Years Ago Resulting in Several Facial Fractures, Why Still Swollen? Will Muscles Regain Their Strength? (photo)

2 years ago i got attacked in a robbery.i had a broken nose,nasal,facial and eye socket fractures,swelling on my brain,resulting in bad but improving... READ MORE

Fractured Eye Socket?

About 12 days ago i was running and i tripped over a retaining wall and landed mostly on my eye/forehead i was not knocked out but was numb to the... READ MORE

Medrol for Swelling After Facial Surgery?

Hello, I had a multiple procedures done to my face including couple of osteotomies and post 3 months the surgery I still had considerable amount of... READ MORE

Still Have Swelling and Bruising 4 Weeks After Facial Procedures

I had surgury 4 weeks ago I am 59 which included fat transfer, lip augmentation, fat transfer, liposculpture to facial areas, endoscopic browlift,... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Swollen Lip and Chin 4 Weeks After Sliding Genioplasty ?

I had sliding genioplasty 4 weeks ago my surgeon also aved down some area of my chin to make it look more symmetrical since i has some symmetry issues... READ MORE

Permanent swelling after surgery?

I underwent a lot of facial surgery over a year ago (including surgery on my jaw) and while most of the swelling has gone, there's still a fair amount... READ MORE

How Long Until I Will See The Final Results After Mandibular Implants?

I had mandibular implants pre-jowl implants put in around 10 days ago , how long must I wait to see the final results because at the moment I am very... READ MORE

Surgical options for facial deformities caused by Smartlipo Laser? Or am I doomed to annual fillers to look normal? (Photo)

Extended SMAS by a Board Certified facial specialist with 30 years experience. Per Op report, the Smartlipo LaserBodySculpting Workstation was used on... READ MORE

How can I reduce forehead swelling (of almost 15 years old) caused from a hit to a hard substance?

I'm 22 years old female. Since childhood, I fall or would get hit on my forehead while playing. But the swellings have not reduced at all. Now it has... READ MORE

When Will my Eyes Look Better After Face Lift, Temporal Brow Lift and Under Eye Lift?

I had a face lift, undereye lift and temporal brow lift 17 days ago. I see improvement in my lower face and neck. I am worried about my eyes. They are... READ MORE

Recurrent Infections Causing Swelling After Jaw Surgery

Hi, I had my upper and lower jaws repositioned 8 months ago. Since then i've had several reicurring infections, causing pain and one side of my... READ MORE

Is Sagging Skin and Swelling Typical After Xanthelasma Removal on Upper Eyelid?

I had small lumps removed via laser; they were located in upper eyelid region near nose and now the skin under the treated area is slightly swollen --... READ MORE

Upper Lip Damage After Buccal Fat Removal

I recently (two weeks ago) had buccal fat removal, and a small amount of lipo around my chin area. One side of my mouth had a larger incision, and... READ MORE

How do deal with mid face hypoplasia--pyriform aperture surgery, braces, or fillers?

I have a flat/recessed midface due to genetic crossbite & a protruding jaw.A plastic surgeon suggested combining rhinoplasty with augmentation... READ MORE

Large Swollen Red Facial Spot

Swollen and Had a White Spot in Center and Burns. What is it? READ MORE

Will lump after zygoma surgery go with time?

I had surgery to repair my zygoma and orbital bone 6weeks ago, having three plates inserted. After swelling had gone down I still have a bump on my... READ MORE

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