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Sunken in Cheeks? (photo)

Okay, so for a while I've noticed that when lighting is hitting my face from directly above, my midface where my cheek ends and my upper lip begins... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for my sunken temple area? (Photo)

Hi I started having sunken temples a few years ago Im dealing with lyme disease and other conditions any other condition i should be looking into that... READ MORE

What do I do about my shifted mid-line and sunken inside of my face? (Photo)

My mid-line is shifted, at least I think it is and my nose has become asymmetrical, although I really don't know if that's my genes or caused by the... READ MORE

Permanent Options to balance out midface? (Photo)

Recently people started commenting on my face saying i lost weigh. Matter of fact is i didnt , actually i gained few pounds. It's bothering me really... READ MORE

Symmetrical bones asymmetrical eyes (Photo)

I'll put the cat scan in here. The difference in my two sides is small but the eyeballs are different and I think I know why. I learned more about fat... READ MORE

So Many Things I Want to Change. Eyes Seem Sunken and Wrinkled?

For a few years now, it seems my face has become more and more bony and mishapen. It seems my eyes have become wrinkled and sunken in (I'm 23), my... READ MORE

Is my old facial trauma reparable? (Photo)

About two years ago I was hit with a car door on the left side of my face where my eye and cheekbone is. I did not seek medical care at the time and... READ MORE

Last year I lost weight, now my cheeks are sunken and I lost fat around my eyes and nose. Any suggestions?

I weigh 71kg the last time that i weighed myself on the scale and i'm just wondering if there is anything i can do to fix my problem READ MORE

Is my sunken eye reparable? (Photo)

About two years ago I was hit with a car door on the left side of my face where eye and cheekbone is. Now noticing face is very assymetrical and eyes... READ MORE

What is the surgery needed to get sunken cheeks and a more visible jawline? (photos)

As you can see (I'm the guy with the sunglasses) the lower part of my face is round and has no definition. I want to get that sunken cheeks look and a... READ MORE

My face is too thin and withdrawn. What procedures would I need to improve my bone structure and facial balance? (Photo)

My face is very thin and with drawn my cheeks are also sunk in it looks ugly, want a good bone structure so it looks prominant what procedure would... READ MORE

My left side of my face seems much thinner and less defined than the right. Does anyone have an idea why this is? (photo)

My left cheek seems more sunken in and the bones on my left side look left jaw is also not as pronounced than the right...looks weaker.... READ MORE

Close set eyes and sunken temples- how to fix? (Photo)

Hi, The sides of my head look "hollowed out" or sunken in which makes the width of my forehead look very narrow compared to the lower half of my face.... READ MORE

Assaulted and fractured my right eye orbit floor: Had an implant under my eye 3 months later - Still Looks sunken (Photo)

1) is there any way to bring my eye back out since it still look sunked in? 2) I also have slight double vision and blurriness is that treatable? 3)... READ MORE

How can I even out my face to make it more symmetrical? (Photo)

My left cheek seems to be sunken in, while my right cheek is a bit rounder. Also, my jaw looks to be off-center, as well as my bite. What can I do to... READ MORE

Are there any craniaofacial doctors in this board? (photos)

Several women, including a dear friend of mine, had Ultherapy and the skull, forehead area appears "shrunken." Fat injections, or fillers will not... READ MORE

Can surgery fix my flaws? (Photo)

Basically the whole right side of my face and skull are sunken in/less prominent . My right cheekbone and jaw are sunken in and lower. My whole right... READ MORE

I would like to get as close as possible to my younger pic especially in skin quality, cheek fullness, and the eyes. (photos)

Current pics @ 32 @ 1 pic 22. I am extremely unhappy with the way my face is aging. I'm wondering if it's possible to get my face back or as close as... READ MORE

My eye ball sunk 2mm. Does that require surgery? (Photo)

What type of physical activities can I do? Well I get feeling back in my cheek? Will my vision correct itself? Head aches temple aches on left side READ MORE

What procedure should I do? Sunken look face (Photo)

Hi i was wondering why my face is sunken but i dont have that over projected teeth or something my teeth normal but my face looks concave from side... READ MORE

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