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What Needs to Be Done with my Face? Nose Bump, Overbite, Small Eyes, Chubby Cheeks? (photo)

I'll Be Joining a Male Beauty Contest Next Year So I Need to Fix Whatever is Wrong with Me. Im a 26 year old Asian, I would really like to know whats... READ MORE

I want a trout pout and feel like my eyes are too small. Should I consider plastic surgery? (Photo)

I have self esteem issues, I dont know if my face is completely fine or if I should consider augmentations. I considered... Rhinoplasty I considered... READ MORE

How to Get Bigger Eyes

I have small eyes , is there any surgery available to modify into bigger READ MORE

What is wrong with my eyes and nose? What will fix them? (Photo)

My eyes are a bit small but, my eyelids have lines in them and are huge! My nose is huge! READ MORE

I Have High Cheekbones, No Bridge in my Nose, and Small Squinty Eyes. Any Suggetions? (photo)

My nickname growing up was chinese woman, cause when I smile you can barely see my eyes. It almost looks like gilbert godfry eyes :) I have a nice... READ MORE

Can you recommend something that could balance out my face better? I feel insecure about several features. (photo)

I've always had a strong dislike toward how big my nose is, and especially how small my eyes are which I feel like makes my forehead bigger! I was... READ MORE

I am really ugly, I get told it a lot and even get made fun of, any possible plastic surgery at least making me look decent?

So, I have really small eyes, with a chubby face, my nose is really small and my lips are small but chubby .. I know it looks funny but is it possible... READ MORE

What surgeries would you recommend to make me more attractive? (photo)

My big problem areas are my nose which is too wide and long , my eyes which are to small and low my jaw which is too long my mouth which is too narrow... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, mini facelift or both/More? (photo)

Help Please. My Chin is WAY Too Enormous for my face. My eyes are Beady. It really seems that as I age, these things become Worse. My Nose is too long... READ MORE

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