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What procedure would best correct my facial asymmetry? I have misaligned teeth and jaw after braces. (photos)

20 years old now, but I had braces from 12-16 and my orthodontist took out 4 teeth to correct slight bucked teeth and crooked bottom teeth. I think... READ MORE

Options for a Weak Jawline and Asymmetrical Nose?

I have always known about my weak jawline and I always wondered if there was a way to fix it. My lower jaw slants in at a steep angle right below my... READ MORE

What Can I Have Done to Fix my Asymmetrical Face? (photo)

. My face is asymmetrical and it really bothers me. I always wear my hair so it sort of covers my right side of my face. I like how the left side... READ MORE

Can a forehead slope be corrected?

I got a pretty sloped forhead and I was wondering if theres something I can do too correct it? READ MORE

If any, what can I do to correct the asymmetry of my face? (photos)

It is highly visible in photos and makes me extremely self conscious on a daily basis. I realize that some asymmetry is normal, however this is not..... READ MORE

What procedures could I have to make my face look less crooked? (Photo)

I've just noticed that I've got a slanted eyebrow & I believe a lazy eye. I think my recent weight gain might have caused the asymmetry...if I lose... READ MORE

I need to know why my face looks strange, when I compare it to other people I just lose self confidence? (photos)

I would like to know what type of surgeries would be good for me, I dont want to overdo it just look more natural and normal. I feel like my head is a... READ MORE

What are the names of the surgeries I'll require?

I need a shorter face. Better cheekbones. Overbite correction. Smaller forehead. I need to get fat removed from my eyelids. My jaw grew in at a slant,... READ MORE

Is there a way to fix my wonky face? Including face shape, nose and lips? (photos)

My face seems to bend towards one side and the right side seems more lifted including the right side of my lip (which the bottom lip is also smaller)... READ MORE

How to Fix Asymmetry of my Face? (photo)

Hi, Are there any procedures/solutions to fixing asymmetry? The right side of my face/cheek is droopier than the left, and my mouth is crooked/slanted... READ MORE

I have a sloping forehead that I find extremely bothersome. What would be the best procedure to reshape my forehead. (photo)

From the front my forehead looks fine. From the side it looks terrible and I cant take it any more. I am curious about what could be done. I have... READ MORE

My face is slanted/uneven, can anyone tell me why? And if anything can be done to fix it. (photo)

I have recently noticed that my face is quite uneven, i don't remember if it has always been like that. Could it be something to do with puberty, as i... READ MORE

Whats Wrong with my Face? (photo)

My jaw is bigger on one side my mouth and nose are slanted it looks like one eye is falling off my face and one ear is closer to head i can do a... READ MORE

I'm 14yrs old and have crooked face which causes me to be very self conscious. What treatment would you recommend?

I apologize for posting no pictures since previously stated, I'm very self conscious about it. I'm 14 and I was taking pictures of myself and after to... READ MORE

Which plastic surgeries do I need and how much will it cost to make me average looking ? (photos)

I have slanted forehead ,no chin ,and my eyes seem sleepy with my normal facial expression READ MORE

Is There A Surgery to Bring Back Jaw In The Profile?

I was just wondering if there is any surgory to bring back the jaw as from the side view my jaw seems too come out quite far and it slants down, i... READ MORE

Is there a fix to my slanted face? (Photo)

I've noticed in the past year i've had a really slanted face and i'm not too sure how i could fix it really.. it's been causing me insane insecurities READ MORE

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