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Is There a Procedure to Reduce the Size of my Eyes?

I have large eyes and they protrude quite a lot They make me extremely unhappy because I love my face shape and my other features however my eyes... READ MORE

Can I increase the size of my forehead and hence the whole head? (photo)

I am male, 18, and 6 '1 tall. I have a really small face/head and I want to increase its size. I have attached picture of what I look like and what I... READ MORE

Can Anything Make my Lips Longer?

Without looking weird i just really reallly hate my small lips can you make them longer ? will it look natural ? any scars ? and how does it happen ?... READ MORE

Is There a Non Surgical Procedure to Reduce Face Size, for Broad Cheeks?

I heard this surgery is widely done in Korea but they will have to remove bones from the face which will really hurt, so i wonder if there is a non... READ MORE

Oculoplastic Surgery: To What Extent Can Plastic Surgery Alter the Eyes?

My question is somewhat open-ended -- what exactly makes eyes so different? What makes eyes "cute" vs. "sexy?" Is it their shape?... READ MORE

What is wrong with my face shape and what can I do to fix it? (Photo)

I've been very unhappy for years now with my's size shape proportion. It always seems smaller than average and bland. What can I do to fix it? READ MORE

I have a small face and long neck. How to increase face length/size/width? (Photo)

Sir, iam 6ft2in guy, my face looks smaller frm a far distance and also having a long neck i am sending a photo... I NEED A BIGGER FACE COMPARED TO MY BODY READ MORE

How to increase size of my face size and get rid of being skinny?

I have small face and i am skinny. I want to gain quick weight READ MORE

My mouth has always been a big insecurity of mine. Is there a way I can reduce the size of my mouth? (photos)

My mouth has always been a big insecurity of mine. I feel like it sticks out, especially in the lower lip region. I'm curious if there is a way I can... READ MORE

My face has an extremely bad symmetry (Photos)

So I decided to draw or outline my face today and look what I saw My face has a really bad position My left eye is higher than my right eye... READ MORE

40 years old: I still look 20 years old, because my head and face never changed in size. (Photo)

How to make me looking older and feel respect to ourself. I haven't got dismorphophobic disorder. I know that my head stop growing when I had max 21... READ MORE

Extent to which bone cement can be applied to the back of the head. (photos)

You find attached 3 photos edited together and numbered, the first one being the original. The red line at the first (left) photo marks the end of the... READ MORE

I'm noticing that there is some difference in my left and right eyes over the last year, how can I fix this? (Photos)

I'm 24 male, by last couple of year I'm suffering from allergy rhenasitis and bcoz of that almost every I suffered from intense headache but this... READ MORE

My jaw line is very narrow, how can I improve my appearance?

My jaw line is very narrow. This makes my face disproportionately small compared to my body size. With beard I look somewhat better. I am very much... READ MORE

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