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Is Shaving Brow Bone Possible?

I'm a 28-year-old male and all my life iv been bothered by my eyebrow bones sticking out so much. I have tired finding out some information on the... READ MORE

Supraorbital Reduction (Brow Shaving) in Women Without Much Protrusion?

My brow is slightly prominent, but the bone along my hairline is equally prominent, it’s just the mid forehead that appears concave and even on... READ MORE

Is Cheekbone or Malar Bone Shave Possible?

Is it possible to have cheekbones or malar bones shaven? One of my cheekbones sticks out or protrudes a little more than the other.    READ MORE

Can a Bruised Bone Be Shaven Down on the Forehead?

When i was younger i fell off of a bed and hit my head, which formed a bump (on right side of forehead) that went away and came back later on in life.... READ MORE

Should I get brow bone shave? Can any of the fillers be used for my forehead? (photos)

Hi I'm a male and I have noticed that I have browbone and I know it is not very noticable, I am just wondering If it is normal and can any of the... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Brow Bone Shaving?

Can Someone Tell Me an Experienced Doctor's Name for Brow Bone Shaving?  Thanks. READ MORE

Where Can I Get a Bruised Bone Shaven Down?

As I stated before I have a Bruised Bone on my forehead thats the only thing the doctor told me it was and that there was nothing I can do about it.... READ MORE

Possible to Add an Implant on Previously Shaved Jaw?

Does jaw shaving limit implant insertion next to the jaw area that has been shaved? READ MORE

My face is very asymmetrical, can it be corrected? (Photo)

I've always been told I sad pretty but my face is lopsided, to the point I can never wear my hair off my face. I try to camouflage it with bangs but... READ MORE

Can the bone above the upper eyelid be shaved/ reduced? (photos)

I know that many people opt for brow bone reductions mostly in the forehead region. I was wondering whether the lower bone that sits just above the... READ MORE

Can a doctor thats board certified that's never performed a brow bone reduction do it?

Recently had a breast augmentation and LOVE my results. Doctor that did them is board certified and has performed over 25,000 procedures here in... READ MORE

Should I Get Zygoma Arch Reduction and Mandibular Angle Surgery?

My cheekbones look very prominent from a 45 degree angle, making my face look too angular, and my face looks too wide from a frontal view. should I... READ MORE

Can I Shave The Bone Down Of One Side of Asymmetric Forehead?

Hello doctors, i have an issue that really bothers me. i'm a 25 year old male,i have plagiocephally so my upper forehead is assymetrical, bumpy... READ MORE

How Much Pain Comes with Getting a Bruised Bone Shaved Down?

After getting a Bruised Bone shaven down, how much pain will i be in after?? READ MORE

Can zygomatic bone be shaved to make the face look more narrower?

Hi, can zygomatic bone be shave little bit? Is it a major surgery? Thanks. READ MORE

Is It Possible to Shave Down Bone on the Top of the Head?

HI,the bone on the top of my head is very high and would like to know if it's possible to shave it down. It's like a high ridge which runs... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations Near NJ to Shave Down Forehead Bone?

Looking for a doctor..... looking to get a bruised bone shaved down permanently, Whats a estimate to get that done? READ MORE

Any Bone Shaving Procedures for my Flat Face?

My maxillary bone, is really flat compared to the average bone thats suppose to have depth in it, is it because my eyes isn't deepset that's why... READ MORE

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