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Is it Possible to Widen the Top of my Head?

Can anthing be done to widen the top of my head so it's wider along the sides of my head and temple area?Because from the very top of my cheek... READ MORE

I Need SERIOUS Help with my Facial Symmetry Anxiety

26 Male, 183 cm (6 feet), 77 Kgs. I have been researching online for over few weeks now. I wish to know how my facial symmetry can be aligned. My... READ MORE

Why is my right eye and eyebrow significantly higher than the left side? What can I do to fix this? (Photo)

People have told me my whole life my face is ugly and lopsided. This has really bothered me and crushed my self-esteem but it is true. There is... READ MORE

Advice on correcting facial asymmetry? (Photo)

My face is noticeably asymmetric, and it is really starting to have an impact on my self-esteem and everyday life. I will only let myself be... READ MORE

I am interested in improving my profile. Aside from a nose surgery, how else can I seek to improve my profile? (photo)

Dear Doctor, Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am seeking to improve my self esteem as well as my profile while holding on to my masculine... READ MORE

How can I fix my side profile? (photos)

I like the front but the side is disgusting and I suffer from low self esteem because of the way I look. I never be in group photos or let someone... READ MORE

Problem with lopsided face. What's causing this, and can it be treated? (Photo)

Hello. I have had a problem with a lopsided/squint face since childhood. The problem is especially visible when I smile and has led me to avoid... READ MORE

I hate my side profile, I'm not sure if the reason is my nose, jawline, or my lips? (photos)

My side profile has been a cause for my extremely low self-esteem for a while now. I was wondering if the reason I find it so disproportionate is... READ MORE

Can my asymmetrical face be fixed? (Photo)

I'm a 19 year old male living in the Caribbean. 4 years ago I realized from a photo that my face wasn't symmetrical. As time went on I became very... READ MORE

One side of my face is majorly different then the other? What can I do? Costs for surgery? (photos)

One side of my face is majorly bigger then the other.. it's so noticeable especially in pictures. It's something that has brought down my self esteem... READ MORE

Can anyone tell me what areas are need to be corrected and what surgeries are involved for my face? (photos)

I have a very bad facial aesthatic! due to this i have a very low self-esteem. can you anyone tell me what areas are need to be corrected and what... READ MORE

Doctor can i fix my face to be more symmetrical? How much money that i must spent to take a surgery? Thankyou (photo)

My face totally not symmetrical at all.. I feel so underestimated with this condition. I lost my confidence and self-esteem.. I'm so depressed. Please... READ MORE

How can I achieve a more symmetrical look in my eyes & nose to look better in selfies and photos that flip the camera? (Photos)

My Face is very weird. In the mirror and selfies where the camera is not flipped I look fine but when I take a photo or selfie then the imbalances in... READ MORE

Are there surgurical or exercises I can do to fix my facial asymmetry?

My facial asymmetry seems very severe to me. Haven't noticed it until a few months ago. Now that I can see it it's been weighing down my self esteem... READ MORE

What would be the cost of making my face more symmetrical? (Photo)

Hi, thank you for having such a forum. I am from Southern African Nation and would like to find out what would be the cost of making my face more... READ MORE

My right side of nose is bigger than left, also my right side of face is more formed than left can -- anything be done? (Photos)

Basically anything on my left side is smaller than my right.. expect my ears.. left ear sticks out more than my right and it's bringing my self esteem... READ MORE

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