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Can Scar Gets Wider During Healing Process?

Underwent a serial incision surgery of a conginetal nevi on face.3.5 weeks after first stitches removal, the one straight line scar is healing however... READ MORE

Lip Injury From Dog Bite

My puppy bit a smallish (not tiny) chunk of my lower lip... The flesh that was bitten off sort of hangs on top of the wound. It's really swollen... READ MORE

I have small hole like scars from lip/face piercings. How can I smooth out the appearance of these? (photo)

When I took out my piercings they left holes in my skin. They are not very deep and are soft and do not hurt. If I purse my lips the holes almost... READ MORE

Lower Lip Reconstruction

I have an 18 year old bite injury that requires past plastic surgery. The old scar runs down lip over vermillion border and back up to top of lip. The... READ MORE

Vertical Forehead/eyebrow indented scar revision question (Photo)

It has now been 3 months without significant improvement. It was not sutured at the time (far from medical attention) but butterfly bandaged to... READ MORE

Scars After Plastic Surgery: What Can I Do to Lessen Them?

Hello, I had surgery a little more than a year ago, ie, lip reduction, eye and nose surgery. After all that time all the scars are still visible... READ MORE

Do I need plastic surgery to fix the forehead scar from my car accident, or are there other solutions? (photos)

Hi there i had a car accedint 5 years ago my head hit the front glass of the car and make a huge cut in front of my head i need to fix it but i dont... READ MORE

Is there plastic surgery that can help this Pit Bull attack victim? (Photo)

My great nephew was very critically injured in a pit bull attack almost three years ago. He was only three at the time and he was so badly injured and... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery or Laser Scar Removal? (Photos)

I meet an accident when i was quite young. Lately this scar is bothering me a lot. Someone told me that i can improve this scar with laser treatment ,... READ MORE

What can I do about my face? (photos)

What can I do about my face being uneven. Iv asked Friends and family and I also a seen a botox doctor she said my face is pretty symmetrical which I... READ MORE

How much would it approximately cost to have a forehead dent removed? About half an inch, not very deep (Photo)

I have an indented scar on my forehead from hitting my head on a rock when i was a little kid. I would like to know how much it would cost to be... READ MORE

Brow bone reduction scar. Will the scar be very visible with no hairline to hide it? (photo)

I have a very pronounced brow bone, I am interested in having a reduction but I am bald and shave my head.  READ MORE

Re: Post accident facial asymmetry + scar in hairline. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, after being involved in a car accident I have been left with a few things that bug me. Several facial bones were fractured. 1) Left eye droops far... READ MORE

Not happy with the way I look. Any advise to look better?

Dear Dr, For a long time i have been thinking about getting cosemetic surgery, unfortunatley i can't point to a specific part of my face which i don't... READ MORE

I have a deep nasolabial fold on one side of my face and it's not ordinary aging one.

I'm 26 and I've had it for years now. I had an injury under my eye on the same side of my face as I have that 'nasalobial fold'.I wonder if that... READ MORE

Can I still get surgical help even though I'm 51 and the abuse was over 20 years ago?

I had batter abusebto my face. Mainly the left side and my eye,which was literally hang from my face when it happened. So now I look cock eyed as they... READ MORE

Droopy, Asymmetrical eyes- What can be done? (Photos)

Since I was little I've noticed my eye's outer corner point down, and one of my eyes is placed higher than the other. My right eyes is a bit droopy... READ MORE

Eyebrows crooked, eyes wrinkles, freckles, scars and sagging; what do I do? (Photo)

Help me figure it out and , look so old I'm 37 I get called 50+ it's not right im young I want to look young... READ MORE

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