Safety + Facial Plastic Surgery

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I Have a Flat Head. Is It Safe to Have an Implant Just for Cosmetic Reasons?

I want to have a round beautiful back of my head. If I put the silicone, anything possible to have side effects like a numbness? How much does it cost... READ MORE

What are my options to get rid of nasal labial fold lines? (photos)

I am 50 years old, those folders and long wrinkles along the folds drive me nuts and make me look sad if I am not smiling. I am doing yoga facial... READ MORE

Is CT Scan Safe for the Head?

Hi I want to plan surgery, but I know at lease I should do new CT scans for Jaw Surgery and CT scan for nose, I had one CT scan before. is 3 or 4 CT... READ MORE

How Safe is Cosmetic Facial Bone Surgery when Done by a Plastic Surgeon?

I'm Asian and I'm considering jaw and cheekbone contouring. Jaw reduction involves excising bone from jaw/chin (sagittal splitting osteotomy) and... READ MORE

Can I surgically reduce the length of my mid face, including teeth and jaws?

Im very self conscious about my face, im female but my proportions i feel make me look very manly i would want to take a quarter to a half inch of the... READ MORE

Safe to Have Facial Surgery Two Weeks After Liposculpture?

Is there a problem if i have a surgery (liposculpture) in a week and facial surgery after 2 weeks ? I think it's possible to have them in same day... READ MORE

Is bone cement considered safe in cosmetic surgery?

Following a consultation with a surgeon regarding the correction of a dent formed in my forehead due to excessive bone removal, it was suggested to... READ MORE

I want to know if it would be smart to get Rhinoplasty, buccal fat removal, and maybe overbite surgery. (photos)

I think im decent looking from a front view, but from a side i look terrible. I was always bullied for my nose in school and now im ready to get it... READ MORE

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