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Is There a Procedure to Slim Down Asian Face?

I'm an Asian female with a relatively round face frame compared to a lot of Americans who have pointier, slimmer face shapes even though they are a... READ MORE

Options for a Wider, Fuller Face

What Should I Do for a Wider More Fuller Face, Jaw Augmentation with Cheek Implants? I Feel my Face is to Flat and Narrow. I have been looking for... READ MORE

How Can I Add Facial Structure to my Soft, Rounded Face?

I would like to have a stronger facial structure. I have a small chin, small cheekbones, flat midface & chubby cheeks. I don't want get a... READ MORE

What are my options for a slimmer face?

I'm considering the options for a slimmer face. I am 31 years old, asian, around 130lbs. As you can see I have what you call a moon face. I've... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Achieve a Rounder, More Protruded Forehead?

I am a female and happen to have a very flat and receded forehead. This makes my profile look very weak. Is it possible to achieve a forehead that... READ MORE

I Want to Make my Face Less Round and More Symmetrical

How can I achieve this goal? Please tell me all of the procedures you would recommend. I am 18 years old. READ MORE

I Want Balance to my Face

I would like to find out if one procedure would help or if I would need lots to get balance to my face. Thin jaw, no chin and protruding forehead . I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Round Face with Surgery?

Is it possible to get a round face with surgery? READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty or a Cheek Augmentation?

(I know it doesn't look like it but i'm almost 18) I'd like the width of my nostrils to be smaller making my nose look a bit more sculpted... READ MORE

Enhance my FACE

Ive never been happy with my facial structure. There are times when I look fat from certain angle, given my full Asian heritage, I also have a rather... READ MORE

What Are the Most Recommended Procedures for Achieving a More Triangular/fuller/rounder Face Shape? (photo)

In patients with a biological age of only 31 yo? I used to have a beautiful face shape when I was a little girl, but I grew into a longer and skinnier... READ MORE

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