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Cheekbone Reduction Risks

I have a long slim face but with prominent zygomatic body and arch. I am considering cheekbone reduction but it seems to me like a major operation.... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Achieve a Rounder, More Protruded Forehead?

I am a female and happen to have a very flat and receded forehead. This makes my profile look very weak. Is it possible to achieve a forehead that... READ MORE

Risks of Hydroxyapatite Cranial Implant?

I have asked before that, I am seeking forehead augmentation for my receded and very flat forehead. I have read that hydroxyapatite is an option. Then... READ MORE

Brown Bone Reduction - Cost - Risk - Results

I am a male with a prominent brow bone and I was wondering if it would be possible to get the same results as the simulated image below. I was also... READ MORE

Temple Implant or Fat Grafting For Concave Temples?

Hello I was wondering about temple implant/fat grifting/fillers in my concave temples. 1. What method excludes scars ? 2. Can you doctor estimate and... READ MORE

With implants on your forehead, are the only risks involved infections?

There are small risks of fillers in the forehead area causing blindness. With implants are the only risks involved infections? And is the shape of the... READ MORE

What are the options for forehead contouring? (Photo)

I am interested in contouring the shape of my forehead. As you can see from the picture, the browridge is very prominent and I would like to make it... READ MORE

Has anyone heard of removing temporalis muscle?

I had a meningioma resection of left sphenoid wing. The temporalis muscle detached after surgery and sits atop my cheekbone. I saw a craniofacial... READ MORE

What Are the Complications with Jaw Implant Surgery?

What Are the Complications with Jaw Implant Surgery? READ MORE

Would It Be Wise to Combine the Following Facial Threatments?

Would or could it be wise to combine 3 operations at once: * Rinoplasty (septum/tip/bridge) * UPPER eyelids correction, * Neck/double chin correction... READ MORE

General Anesthesia Risk?

Dear Doctors I am having a surgery in a few days. This is my foruth surgery that involves general anesthesia. Duration of the surgery is five hours.... READ MORE

Facial Implants After Accident 3 Months Ago. Got Infected, Need Removal. Is This Okay?

I met with an accident 3 months ago and have implants in my face. but infection occurred at the place of implants and surgeon told me to get them... READ MORE

Chin Reduction and Rhinoplasty? Risks? (photo)

Hi! Would the changes in the pictures be possible? And how risky would they be? Assuming I went to an experienced surgeon. And any extra info on... READ MORE

Will Upper Jaw Surgery Change the Shape of my Nose?

I have some questions about Upper Jaw surgery..:( does the surgery change your nose dramatically? And is the surgery extremely risky with much side... READ MORE

Is Cranial Augmentation Possible?

My head top bones are very thin and smaller than my lower face which make my face looks very thin and tall, my question is if there is any comestic... READ MORE

What are the risks of coronal craniosynostosis treatments for adults?

Ok i have a mild, not serious form of coronal craniosynostosis (i've been doing some deep heavy research for a while) and i've made some calls (like... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Shave Down Bone on the Top of the Head?

HI,the bone on the top of my head is very high and would like to know if it's possible to shave it down. It's like a high ridge which runs... READ MORE

Martial Arts and Face Implants. What Are The Risks?

Hello Doctor I would like to know more about practice martial arts having: a) jaw angel implants b) chin implant c) cranioplasty with Kryptonite 1.... READ MORE

Safe to Have Facial Surgery Two Weeks After Liposculpture?

Is there a problem if i have a surgery (liposculpture) in a week and facial surgery after 2 weeks ? I think it's possible to have them in same day... READ MORE

Doc wants CT Scan of face and forehead to make a radiography for custom facial implants. What is the radiation risk?

If possible, would a doctor be able to tell me how much radiation (mSv) one might expect to receive from this type of CT scan? For the entire face... READ MORE

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